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Andrew Square fare jumper had a stun gun, police say

Guy with stun gun

Transit Police report stopping and then arresting a Haverhill man spotted fare jumping at the Andrew Red Line stop yesterday.

At first, police say, officers arrested him because he had a warrant for an outstanding warrant out of Haverhill, but then charged him with unlawful possession of an electronic control weapon after he admitted he had a stun gun in his bag.

Police say officers were at the fare gates at Andrew around 6 p.m., looking for fare jumpers, when they spotted Seth Sparks, 21, of Haverhill, push his way through the fare gates without paying - normally just a ticketable offense, unless you happen to have an outstanding arrest warrant and are packing a stun gun.

Innocent, etc.

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Seth Sparks’ Stun Gun, there’s a rhyme lurking somewheres there.

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Seth Sparks packed a stun gun,
through Andrew Square turnstiles attempted to run.
But T-Cops were there,
a circumstance rare!
And thus ended Seth Sparks stun gun run fun.

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If you're going to commit a crime, keep it to one at a time.

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[Elegant Elliot Offen hat on]


[/hat off]

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in Andrew Square, you don’t want to be there.

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30 years ago. How do developers and real estate agents get anyone to buy condos down here?

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They slap the word "luxury" on them.

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Tell us more about the role of these Guardians of the Fare Gates. Do they were uniforms or are they undercover like 21 Jump Street and the Shield..

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