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FBI hunts man for string of armed holdups in Readville and points south

Wanted for Readville gas-station holdup

The FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force has released photos of a man it says held up a Mobil station in Readville last August - which was among a number of gas stations and convenience stores it says he held up in Boston and towns south of the city.

According to police records, the man robbed the station at 264 Neponset Valley Parkway around 8:15 p.m. on Aug. 30 - a little over two months after another man, a regular at the gas station, was charged with holding it up.

If he looks familiar, contact the task force at 857-386-2000.



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Hopefully this young man turns himself into authorities!!!! He obviously needs to make healthier decisions in the future and gain fulltime employment!!!!!!

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Based on the fact that he’s a fugitive, he won’t have to worry about making healthier decisions in the future. I’m pretty sure his future is behind bars or dead.

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That’s such an optimistic comment...Luv it!

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And not local or State police?

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He likely violated the Hobbs Act, which is a U.S. federal law

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Like the Unabomber-Dot rat style.

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Why are they just getting around to sharing these images a mere 10 months after the actual robberies?

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