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Woman attacked on Neponset Trail in Mattapan

State Police report a woman was attacked while walking on the Neponset Trail near Ryan Playground in Mattapan around 2 p.m.

The Dorchester resident "suffered contusion and laceration injuries" and was transported to Beth Israel Hospital for care, State Police say, adding she has since been released.

The suspect was described as a black man about 5'10" and in his 20s, with an afro about 3 inches high. He wore a navy-blue long-sleeve shirt and navy-blue sweatpants, State Police say, adding he fled through the playground parking lot to River Street.



A Boston cop told me that they have had to respond to several attacks and robberies on the bike path. He said the state police have to respond from the Blue Hills Barracks and the victims get tired of waiting and leave the area. No victim no crime.

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I hope the victim is ok.

It's a beautiful path and they have done a terrific job over there. Personally I think the police should be biking there all day long...same for the pond, Charles river, and along stony brook. I used to ride my bike to work along stony brook and for my to/fr ride I only saw bike patrols twice in about 6 months.

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Maybe they should have state police on patrol in the general vicinity near the bike path, so that the police response to attacks and robberies would be much, much quicker, and victims don't feel the need to leave due to getting tired of waiting a long time for a police response.

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Although our violent crime rate is nowhere near as bad as Baltimore, DC, Atlanta, St. Louis, Detroit, New Orleans, Philly, etc.

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Should we hold there hand from the barracks and spoon feed them to help them get there or already be there. Zero protection !!!

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Crime happens everywhere in Boston

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There is zero police protection in these parts of the city. So all my people be vigilante and wear your running shoes keep pepper spray and pray.

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