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Man charged with using snow shovel and box cutter on another man's face in Roxbury

Boston Police report arresting a man they say used two weapons to attack another man Tuesday morning at Tremont and Prentiss streets in Roxbury.

Police say Eddie Smith, 58, first smashed the other man in the head with a snow shovel around noon yesterday, then "pulled out a box-cutter and slashed the victim over his eye."

Officers found the victim bleeding heavily and summoned EMS to take him to a local hospital, according to police, who say officers then found Smith about a half mile away on Shawmut Avenue in Dudley Square - along with a snow shovel and a box cutter.

Smith was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and mayhem, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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will lead to a swift end of the semi-legal parking saver madness.

J/K, we'll never hear another word about it, and Marty Walsh will refuse to take a stand on it because he's relying on the townie vote to keep things going.

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Where does it say exactly that this was related to space savers?

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How is this related to space savers? I saw the story on Channel 5 read the police report and also Universal Hub. Not seeing any mention of parking related issues.

Space savers are definitely an issue and I agree with your sentiment, although its city wide, not just "townies". But a hate crime is not the time to pontificate about parking.

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I read "snow shovel" and saw the day it happened, and erroneously assumed it was space-saver-related. The fact that it's a hate-crime is even worse than what I mistakenly thought had happened.

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If you see the guy everyday just avoid him by all means necessary.

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Despite being a hate crime this story will not get much attention from the "woke" crowd . They will be asleep. Since this is Boston and Universal Hub I know I first need to validate my liberal credentials : I hate Trump, voted for Hillary, etc. But I still see the vicious homophobia that lingers among the black community. This did not happen in Trump Country. Speak up social justice warriors!

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Last time I check Homophobia lingers in more than just the black community. I do not know where you got your statics from, but maybe you should check again and then check again. Thank you carry on.

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Moreover, it knows no boundaries. It exists in every group in our society.

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Many flee to the US to escape this kind of violence and hate.

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Linked article states that the man charged was released after court appearance; Is that accurate? Horrendous crime that could have resulted in a death, probable permanant scarring, probable hate crime involving a weapon, multiple run ins / history with the victim and he was released and told to stay away from victim? What am I missing? Was there bail involved? DA on vacation?

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