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South Shore man was driving a rolling drug store through downtown Boston, police say

Seized drugs and money

Seized drugs and money.

Boston Police report arresting a Weymouth man on Bedford Street downtown following a traffic stop Wednesday night, during which officers noticed "several large plastic bags containing marijuana along with multiple banded rolls of cash in plain view inside the vehicle."

Police say officers initially pulled Daniel Keegan, 20, over outside 85 Bedford St. around 8 p.m. because they spotted something wrong with his car. After noticing all the drugs and cash, oficers wound up seizing 59 packets of pot-infused Cookie Crisp Sky High Edibles and "several boxes of THC vape oil, one bag of dried mushrooms, one small bag of cocaine and a total of $6,815 in U.S. Currency."

Keegan was charged with possession of Class B and D drugs with intent to distribute and three counts of possession of Class C drugs with intent to distribute, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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...that I am too distracted by the thought of "Cookie Crisp" to focus on the rest of the story?


You have the munchies?

They are an Oregon brand, so I had some a couple of years ago. Nice walk.

I don't know what they are doing in MA, as MA demands that the edibles have to be created in state.

Got to be careful with the infused goodies that are so tasty as to be tempting to eat more.


Could I be arrested for selling tomatoes from my car?

Legalize It!!!!!


Bad analogy.

Tomatoes aren’t a drug. They don’t get people high or have psychoactive elements.

Great analogy, both are obvious food. You know the creator who made the whole world of, including the dummies who think crops are drugs, and even the very crops that idiots think are drugs, commands his people to eat plants that are green and make seeds. He also warns against calling these foods bad.

its legal dumb dumb

the cookie crisp, flowers and vape? ok. the mushrooms? im not sure. the cocaine? that's going to be a problem.


People are shooting up right on the sidewalks. I see people shooting up on my lunch on Dot Ave in plain sight.

Besides the bag of coke (which doesn't look to big - could have been for personal use and not sale), isn't the same as someone selling beer out of their car?

I know people from Grove Hall who are still in prison for being in possession of a whole lot less weed then this dumb ass had.



You can have quite a lot of weed for personal use in MA, but this dude needs to get a license if he wants to distribute.

If someone taught him correctly, you go buy a medium Pelican brand camera case and put a padlock on it.

Use Venmo exclusively and EVERYTHING stays in the case.

Kids these days...


And don't drive a shitbox that the cops will notice and pull you over. Since I started driving new cars I never get pulled over anymore but when I drove old cars I got stopped weekly

Says he was pulled over for "equipment violation," what could that possibly mean? What primary offenses fall under such a vague category?

Kid might have wiggle room out of this if they were messing with him and stumbled into the 'drugs'.

Equipment violation is a light out or not using your lights at night and in the rain

"Cookie Crisp"? Part of a complete breakfast?

only one pot store in boston, so no one should be surprised!

or dumb 20 year old? I'm not sure which.