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Man beaten to the ground in Boston Common phone robbery; three teens arrested, two more sought, police say

Boston Police report arresting three of the five teens they say attacked a man as he walked through the Common near the Tremont Street visitor center around 7 p.m. on Sunday.

Police say the victim told them that:

He was walking through the Boston Common when the group suddenly attacked him, punching and kicking him before throwing him onto the ground and stealing his cell phone. Multiple witnesses on scene stated they observed the male suspects attack the victim and take his cell phone.

Three of the teens stuck around and were arrested on charges of being delinquent for unarmed robbery, assault and battery by means of a dangerous weapon and assault and battery, police say. Two of the teens, 14 and 16, are from the South End, the other, 15, from East Boston, police say.



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"Three of the teens stuck around..."

How is this ever going to be fixed when there is so little fear of repercussions?

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Worst part is this wasn’t the first time...these exact kids robbed two of my friends, and and tried to rob another one.

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what are the possible sentences for something like this?

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This actually happens a lot.

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Until it happens to a resident in the area who lives in Beacon Hill and pays very high real estate taxes and power walks through the Common to get to his high paying professional abutting office, not a damn thing will ever get done.

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Nah not rly... my friend got robbed by the same ppl and he reported it, which is why they got in so much trouble/so many charges. He lives in Dorchester.

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Five people assaulted one person. That's a group or often a gang assault. It's important to report this clearly. People do things in a group they would never do by themselves.

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