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Clerk hit with hammer in Beacon Hill store robbery; three arrested after trying to make a getaway on the Green Line

Boston Police report arresting men from Norwood, Somerville and Boston on charges they robbed the 7-Eleven at 122 Cambridge St. Tuesday night - and that one of them used a hammer on the clerk when he tried to stop them.

Police say that among the items the three stole was a charity box from the front counter.

Police say Robert Cooper, 35, of Norwood, Ryan Buckles, 35, of Somerville and Brian Ferguson, 36, of Boston walked into the store shortly before 9:40 p.m. and that Cooper struck the clerk a hammer. The three then ran to the Haymarket T station:

The officers quickly provided a description of the three suspects to MBTA Transit Police Officers who had observed the males boarding a Green Line train which they then were able to stop at Government Center. The three were removed from the train and placed in custody after being positively identified. Officers were able to recover the stolen property along with a hammer from the pants pocket of Robert Cooper.

The clerk declined a trip to the hospital, police say.

The three were all charged with armed robbery. Cooper was also charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, police say. Buckles is, as they say, known to police, in both Somerville and Boston.

Innocent, etc.


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By Boston and the Transit Police. Nice story on WCVB today on the Transit Cop who was on a ventilator and survived the virus. Hope he makes it back to work soon because the human parasites are starting to surge and purge.

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Is a guy wearing a mask covering his nose, mouth, and neck. Apt much?

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Be tricky for our senior community.

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Your point?

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You may not realize that
1. Ads change every time you refresh the page.
2. They're targeted at you. My ads show me coffee and bike parts.
3. There have been a lot of ads from questionably/predatory companies selling face masks and sanitizer.

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1) It's not that fast
2) It's not that hard to pick people out of the crowd these days.

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trying to make a getaway on the Green Line

I don't think so.

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