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Man shot in hail of gunfire off Shawmut Avenue in Roxbury

A man was shot where Shawmut Avenue intersects Hammond Street and Windsor Street in Roxbury shortly before 10:40 p.m.

Police initially responded to the other end of Windsor Street behind Roxse Homes - and soon found both spent shells and three vehicles with gunfire damage. Then a man showed up at a local emergency room with gunshot injuries. Police are now investigating whether more than two dozen shots were fired.

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As long as he wasn’t shot by a cop we’re all set, no one will care.

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Criminals commit crimes. That’s expected. What’s not expected is a trained professional who is paid by tax payer dollars to protect and serve to get trigger happy and be above the law. I guess all the bad guys get away!

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Most of these shooting are happening in my general neighborhood. Not that I could tell a hail of bullets from the many varieties of fireworks being set off at all times of day. A hail of bullets is a very dangerous thing to anyone in the area not just the intended target.

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