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Guy charged with beating up man who looked at his gal pal at Downtown Crossing T stop

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say seemed to be under the mistaken impression it was 1960 and he was free to stomp somebody who looked at his female companion.

According to police, around 9:20 p.m. on Sunday, Thomas Cowan, 27, reacted to the alleged glance at the Downtown Crossing fare gates by proceeding to "punch and kick the victim about his face, head and body." For good measure, police say, Cowan then tried to steal the man's phone. But he proved not so invested in the phone and, upon failing to wrest it away, Cowan and his alleged enamorata then walked to a Red Line platform - where officers caught up with him.

Cowan was initially charged with assault and battery and attempted unarmed robbery, police say, adding they added an additional charge of possession of a Class E substance when officers booking him found a prescription drug on him for which he did not have a prescription.

Innocent, etc.



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Get beat up. You just have to go: Downtown.

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Shameless self plug.

And just wait, that was the beta test. I plan on re-doing it using my new setup

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Very cute.

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How sickening!

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Leads to despair. Ridership on the rails has collapsed and no one in power cares that the system is unsafe and unreliable.

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Thomas is a modern day knight, a man of honor, protecting his fair maiden. The neck tattoo speakest thus.

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That this woman now has a clue and stays as far away from this loser as possible. And that there are some resources for directing her to help now or in the future.

Because this sort of thing screams out "ownership" far more than "companionship".

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Get a clue!? What a nasty comment. STOP blaming women for abusive men's behavior. How do you know she isn't already trying to get away from him? Women who try to escape abusive relationships are often threatened with retribution and violence and that threat all too often extends to their children, family, friends and pets as well. I hope YOU get a clue!

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