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Another man stabbed in Downtown Crossing

Live Boston reports a man entered the Mass. General emergency room shortly after 11 p.m. on Monday with a stab wound he may have gotten on Washington Street.

Police found a blood trail leading from the area of the Paramount Theatre to Temple Place.

It's at least the third stabbing in the area since August.

On Aug. 17, a man was stabbed at Washington and Temple.

On Sept. 11, a man was stabbed on Temple Place, just up from Washington.




Downtown is not pretty all. Lots of people stumbling around zonked out, fights, drug dealing, littering, pissing in doorways, etc. Definite decline over the past 10 years. And that's just during the daytime.

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I work full-time in Boston, and occasionally take a walk during my lunch hour through the Boston Common. The entrance to the Common via Beacon Street and the length of Park Street is nothing but a long line of drug dealing, vomiting, passed out individuals that make a 'Walk in the Park' more like a Nightmare on Elm Street. Not to mention none of them are wearing masks. . . sad situation.

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The absolute dichotomy of having those fights, drugs, and pissing right next to all that luxury housing will never stop amazing me.

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Never been to a big third world city, I take it?

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I haven't! But there's so many places you could live around Boston that don't have this issue, that it still seems weird that people choose THAT expensive place.

But I suppose they could be purchased for investment purposes only. I wonder what the occupancy rate is.

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Okay then you're a nimby, because anti-nimby's LOVE any and ALL development no matter how shortsighted.

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