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Three teens charged with armed carjacking on Browning Avenue in Dorchester; might also be charged with two shootings there

Boston Police report arresting an 18-year-old from Brockton and two younger accomplices, one 17, from Boston, the other 14, from Dedham, on charges they stole a car at gunpoint around midnight at 30 Browning Ave. in Dorchester.

Police say detectives are continuing to investigate whether the three might have also been the ones to shoot two people who showed up at a local hospital later with gunshot wounds they said they got at that address. The injuries were not life threatening, police say.

Police say officers looking for the car spotted it on Harvard Street headed towards Greenwood Street, with no headlights on. The car had three guys in it and "all three individuals were making extreme overt movements that appeared panicked in nature, resulting in one of the occupants looking back at the officer and then lunging toward the floor. "

Police say that after getting the three out, officers found a stolen, black Taurus PT 111 G2 9mm firearm, with one live round in the chamber and seven more bullets in a magazine.

Tristin Howard, of Brockton, was charged with carjacking, unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possessino of ammunition, unlawful possession of a loaded firearm, unlawful possession of a large-capacity feeding device, assault by means of a dangerous weapon and receiving stolen property worth less than $1,200. He also got a ticket for driving without a license.

The two other teens, too young to have their names released, were charged with carjacking, police say.

Innocent, etc.

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