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Jamaica Plain man kept it local when robbing a bank yesterday, police say

Boston Police report arresting a Jamaica Plain man they say scoped out three banks along Centre Street yesterday before finally deciding to rob the Citizens Bank branch at 696 Centre St., next to the 7-Eleven.

Police say officers from the Violent Crimes Task Force, on patrol as part of an investigation into recent bank robberies, actually watched Richard Pimental, 60, get out of a car at Harris Avenue and Centre Street, about a half block from the branch, and then shop for a bank to rob, around 12:45 p.m. He went into the Citizens Bank branch and then:

[T]he officers observed him sprint away, looking back over his shoulder while removing a hat, mask and gloves. Pimental ran back towards Harris Avenue and was observed in the rear of the same black motor vehicle he was seen exiting earlier.

Officers then followed Pimental about a half mile to 46 Carolina Ave., where they pulled up and arrested him on a charge of armed bank robbery. Police say they recovered a pocket knive, the $681 bank employees say he got away with and "other items of evidentiary value."

Innocent, etc.




how the pandemic affects the provision that wearing a mask amplifies the severity of conviction to a mandatory minimum of five years of hard time.

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I wonder if they counted it all out for him in ones while he waited.

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I bet you just giving the guy cash would've prevented him from having to try and rob the bank. The branch manager has suits worth more than the guy got away with. Nobody really thinks robbing the bank is the way out of whatever problems they're trying to solve, do they?

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Always a good thing to keep business local.

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