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Guy punches man in the face several times at South Station while demanding his phone back; man didn't have his phone, it was at Lost and Found the whole time, police say

Transit Police report arresting an allegedly short-tempered Providence man who blamed another man at South Station for stealing his phone and then began punching him in the face, even though the victim had nothing to do with the alleged fool's phone, which was waiting for him at the station lost and found - and had been siting there before he unleashed his closed fist of fury at Track 7 shortly before 6 p.m. on Friday.

Officers were taking Nestor Herrera, 37, into custody for assault and battery on a person 60 or older, when they discovered "a clear bag containing a white powdery substance" on him, police say, adding that when officers inquired about the bag and its contents, Herrera said: "Yup, that's cocaine for my personal use." Officers knew that, in Massachusetts, at least, cocaine for personal use is still illegal, so they added a charge of possession of a controlled substance, pending confirmation from a laboratory.

Innocent, etc.


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Then attacking people around them?

This is no "isolated incident" - I'd bet money this loser had had violence issues swept off for a while. I hope the victim sues him blue after his "anger management" class.

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Thanks to modern technology and social media, our brains have been trained to accept as truth the first thing we read or that we assume. There is no ability in many people these days to participate in logical thinking.

As a species we tend to lash out like any animal at the nearest creature or inanimate object when something goes wrong. Modern society has amplified this behavior.

The emotional charge we get from this is the same as if we were happy about something. In time the brain starts to seek out these happy or confrontational situations and acts on them for that shit of endorphins.

We are also seeing this increasingly in news coverage. A fake story erupts from someplace and something gets posted on social media. Some news outlet picks it up and re-broadcasts it. Suddenly it is a news item and multiple news outlets will start quoting what the other news outlet says. And suddenly it is a factual news item. When in fact the giant killer cockroach that ate several people was in fact the garden variety that startled someone's cat. No one is doing their homework.

So some guy at South Station decides his phone is missing and goes off on the nearest person? Yup. And there will be more of this. Don't be too quick to blame this on the cocaine he was carrying either.

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Technically speaking, I think that little bundle of cocaine was, until said interdiction, an "uncontrolled controlled substance."

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they discovered "a clear bag containing a white powdery substance" on him, police say, adding that when officers inquired about the bag and its contents, Herrar said: "Yup, that's cocaine for my personal use."

Wow he's the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree. His lawyer will love him for saying that.

Kiss your ass goodbye & enjoy prison

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What should he have said? That he was selling it? I would rather have a judge tell me to go to rehab for my addiction.

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You have a right in this country to not be compelled to incriminate yourself.

Your lawyer(s), either self-funded or court appointed, will advise you on the best course forward based on the facts and circumstances which you can disclose to them under privilege; anyone else you freely and voluntarily give this information to is fair game to be used against you in court, especially law enforcement officers.

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You let your attorney tell the jury that the prosecution has failed to demonstrate that you're a dealer. Or whatever. You don't say shit to the cops about it.

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Can you imagine if possession of cocaine for personal use was legal? Oh my God.

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Until the early 1900's, it was, without restriction.

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People who can't control their violent impulses need to be locked up. This guy should rot in prison.

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Can you imagine if possession of cocaine for personal use was legal?

Possession of all sorts of drugs was decriminalized in Portugal 20 years ago. Was it an OMG disaster? No, it was not.

Still, it's very clear that decriminalisation hasn't had the severe consequences that its opponents predicted. As the Transform Drug Policy Institute says in its analysis of Portugal's drug laws, "The reality is that Portugal’s drug situation has improved significantly in several key areas. Most notably, HIV infections and drug-related deaths have decreased, while the dramatic rise in use feared by some has failed to materialise."

OK, it's not legalization, and OK, Portugal only has 10 million people. Still, the War On Drugs, like Prohibition before it, is an epic failure. We need to try something else.

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it basically already is.

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The guy is listed as “Herrera” in most reports. MBTA uses multiple spellings but seems to use “Herrera” most often.

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