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People fall asleep on the Orange Line all the time, but not usually with a loaded gun sticking out of their pants

Transit Police report officers responding to a report of a man asleep and sprawled out on the seats on an Orange Line train that had just pulled into Forest Hills Wednesday evening found the man, still asleep and with a loaded black semi-automatic handgun protruding from his waistband.

Police report that after removing the 9-mm Ruger with a fully loaded magazine from Kamil Mogielnicki's pants, they arrested him, initially on a slew of gun-related charges because he has no license to carry a gun. They added drug charges for the "narcotics packaged in way consistent for resale" they say officers found on his person, although they did not specify where on his person.

This is not Mogielnicki's run-in with TPD officers along the Orange Line. In 2020, police say, officers arrested him trying to break into the Dunkin' Donuts kiosk at Ruggles, where an employee was inside as he tried to gain entry using a knife and a "blunt object." He has yet to come to trial on charges related to that incident.

Innocent, etc.


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Sleepin' on a train with a pistol in your waist
Kamil, you're too bad (whoa, whoa)

(with apologies to The Slickers)

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Petula Clark carried a gun in her waistband?

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but not usually with a loaded gun sticking out of their pants

Ok, so when was the last time you took Orange line?

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Have you ever ridden the Orange Line in your life?

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I rode the Orange Line from Forest Hills to Mass Ave for 10 years, until 2018. Not once did I see a gun, an act of violence, or someone indecently exposing. The incidents I did witness (sick passenger, unexplained "police activity") were few and far between. This is obviously anecdotal, but I don't think the SW Corridor is the violent hellscape you imagine it to be.

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You snooze, you lose!

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I don't see how the color of the gun is relevant to the story. You're just fanning the flames of hatred. It's the contents of the firearm that matters and how it behaves.

Sure, it was full of ammo and a semiautomatic allows for speedy firing, but it doesn't say if the safety was on or not.

Intent matters! The gun was likely there to scare off intruders of personal space, and for self-defense against those trying to damage human health by encouraging harmful diets heavy on donuts.

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The creativity of the NRA never ceases to amaze me. Are people supposedly more inclined to fear black guns than silver guns?

But welcome to Massachusetts! Intent doesn't matter here. This isn't Texas or Alabama where any Billy Joe Bob can just walk around with a couple of assault weapons strapped to his back and a loaded gun strapped to his belt when he goes out for some pork rinds down at the Piggly Wiggly, oowee, them's good snackin'! It's illegal to walk around in Massachusetts with your gun just hangin' out for the world to see, especially if you don't have a license for it (sorry, but until the Supreme Court rules again, yes, it is legal for Massachusetts to license guns - go read up on your Heller - like, really read it this time).

To answer your question, even though you're trying (if failing) to make a rhetorical point, I don't know why police always mention the colors of the guns they seize; I suppose it's like how the State Police always mention the year and make of cars driven by drunks that lead to the death of other motorists, even though that doesn't really matter in the greater scheme of things, either.

Personally, I'd be just as worried about a guy with a silver gun as a black one, even a pink one.

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You're concerned with oppressed black guns? Would you object if police reports said they were looking for a black car involved in a hit and run accident? You seem to be overly sensitive about naming the color of objects. Or you're a concern troll.

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Catch and release, catch and release.

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they say officers found on his person, although they did not specify where on his person.

Probably next to his other.. ahem.. gun.

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...is a warm gun.

- with apologies to the Beatles

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