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Man arrested after plunking himself down in South End lobby with a loaded gun in his waistband, under his camo bullet-proof vest, police say

Boston Police report offices responding to several 911 calls about a guy with a gun at 345 Harrison Ave. arrested a man who was sitting in the lobby of the apartment building there last night, with a loaded gun in his waistband, who allegedly told them he didn't need a license to wander around town with a gun because he was part of "a military police unit."

Despite his alleged MP role, Carirngton also told the officers he was no longer in the military and that he would have shown them his discharge papers, which he claimed were in his back pocket, except that on arrival they had handcuffed him for officer safety while they removed the unholstered Hi-Point 9-mm handgun loaded with ten rounds. Police say Carrington did volunteer to the officers as they approached that he had a gun and a license - although, unlike his discharge papers, not on him.

Police say Carrington was also packing a second magazine with nine rounds.

The officers kept him in handcuffs after arresting him on charges of unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and use of body armor in the commission of a felony.

Innocent, etc.

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So wait I'm still trying to know where the documents are for his military status and gun?

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Not with a hi point anything… he’s a fraud anyone with military status would know better then to carry tht junk

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One would think that he would have been issued a suitable holster with that "military police unit" weapon.

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be missing the point. he had a fucking mental health crisis and this was the form it took.

but it took a predictable form, though. and nearly an intelligible form, if you can think like a lunatic.

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That's an interesting law, given how much alt-right types like to wear their body armor. I assume that's only a blue state law?

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I didn't know off price fashions had entered as a player in the War On Terror.

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Their stores do tend to look like a bomb went off.

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Maybe he's apart of the Fashion Police.

"Hey you, stop there. Fanny Packs are fashion disaster"

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