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Two shot, one dead on Lawrence Avenue in Dorchester

Victim rushed to ambulance

Boston EMS wheels victim to ambulance. Photo by Live Boston.

Update: Boston.com reports authorities believe the man shot his wife, then himself in an attempted murder-suicide.

Live Boston reports a man and a woman were shot on Lawrence Avenue near Coleus Park in Dorchester shortly after midnight.

WCVB reports the man, shot in the head, died. The woman, shot in the head and stomach, however, is in stable condition.

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The WCVB story makes it quite clear that this is a domestic murder-suicide:

A man died and a woman was injured in a shooting that police are calling an attempted murder and suicide early Friday in Dorchester, police said.

The shooting happened just after midnight on Lawrence Avenue. Police said the man shot the woman before turning the gun on himself.

While a murder is a murder, I doubt you would have made your snarky, amoral "leftist policies" BS comment had you bothered to click the link and read the story yourself. A higher police budget wouldn't have done anything to stop this domestic tragedy, assuming the gun was legally owned.

I understand why the Live Boston story wouldn't have known that. But Adam's post doesn't reference the full details from the WCBV story, which means his post is misleading.

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When I first posted, WCVB was NOT calling this a murder-suicide. I've since added an update to the post, linking to another story (on boston.com) that makes that clear, and I've removed the "murder" tag (which in turn takes the post off the 2022 murder page here), since the person who died was the person who apparently fired the shots.

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because single events are widely used as indicators of statewide year over year trends. /s

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