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Fires in Boston

Date Street Neighborhoodsort descending
Firefighters at 10-12 Glenville Ave. 8/30/22 - 8:00 pm Two-alarm fire hits Allston apartment building 10-12 Glenville Ave. Allston
Brighton Avenue fire scene 9/13/22 - 9:20 pm Fire erupts in restaurant block on Brighton Avenue in Allston 184 Brighton Ave. Allston
295-297 Beacon St. on fire 1/10/21 - 10:10 pm Somebody was running around Back Bay alleys lighting trash on fire, might be to blame for fire in Beacon Street building 295-297 Beacon St. Back Bay
Firefighters putting out burning trash, trees and a wreath in the Back Bay 1/10/21 - 9:58 pm Before two-alarm Back Bay fire, firefighters were kept busy with flaming trash, Christmas trees and wreaths Charlesgate East and Marlborough Street Back Bay
Fire damage on Perthshire Road 9/6/21 - 12:30 am One dead in three-alarm fire on Perthshire Road in Brighton 34 Perthshire Rd. Brighton
Cat being returned to owner at Brighton fire 10/18/21 - 1:30 pm Two-alarm fire heavily damages Brighton house; but both cats inside rescued 572 Washington St. Brighton
Firefighters inside 95 Washington St. 12/1/21 - 4:00 am Three-alarm fire injures one in apartment building on Washington Street in Brighton 95 Washington St. Brighton
185 Corey Road fire 12/17/21 - 4:30 am Eight-alarm fire destroys building on Corey Road in Brighton; firefighter injured, smoke shuts nearby Brookline school 185 Corey Rd. Brighton
Firefighters at 17 Allston St. in Charlestown 5/2/21 - 11:25 pm Two-alarm fire on Allston Street in Charlestown displaces three 17 Allston St. Charlestown
Steam plant on fire 10/4/21 - 7:30 pm Steam plant catches fire 165 Kneeland St. Chinatown
Elevator room fire at 216 Tremont St. 7/18/22 - 9:15 am Firefighters douse blaze in Chinatown elevator room 216 Tremont St. Chinatown
Fayston Street fire 5/26/21 - 11:20 am Fire hits multiple buildings on Fayston Street in Dorchester; 48 displaced 73 Fayston St. Dorchester
Firefighters at Corona Street fire 2/5/22 - 5:25 pm Two-alarm porch fire heavily damages Dorchester three decker 74 Corona St. Dorchester
31 Brookview fire 10/21/22 - 3:00 am Three rescued from fire on Brookview Street in Dorchester 31 Brookview St. Dorchester
Burned house at 108 Woodrow Ave. 11/7/22 - 8:30 pm Three displaced by two-alarm fire on Woodrow Avenue in Dorchester 108 Woodrow Ave. Dorchester
3/16/22 - 9:40 pm Fire in three decker at Kerwin and Talbot in Dorchester; at least one resident injured 43 Kerwin St. Dorchester
Firefighters at Adams Street fire 7/3/21 - 11:00 am Two-alarm fire damages house on Adams Street near Ronan Park in Dorchester 115 Adams St. Dorchester
Smoke billowing from 31 Senator Bolling Circle. 11/9/22 - 7:45 pm House under construction catches fire on Sen. Bolling Circle in Dorchester 31 Senator Bolling Cir. Dorchester
Remains of 19 Oakley St. 4/3/22 - 1:10 pm House on fire on Oakley Street in Dorchester 19 Oakley St. Dorchester
Bowdoin Street fire 7/9/21 - 3:45 am Early morning fire damages store under construction on Bowdoin Street in Dorchester 205 Bowdoin St. Dorchester
Fire in Dorchester 4/4/22 - 10:30 am Dorchester three decker erupts in flames 6 Fifield St. Dorchester
Firefighters at fire at 69 Floyd St. in Dorchester 8/27/21 - 9:05 am Fire erupts on Floyd Street in Dorchester 69 Floyd St. Dorchester
Hannon Street fire 4/10/22 - 1:45 am Fire damages vacant house on Hannon Street in Dorchester 22 Hannon St. Dorchester
Firefighter on second floor of Ramada Inn 1/23/22 - 2:50 pm Fire hits Morrissey Boulevard hotel 800 Morrissey Blvd. Dorchester
Crescent Avenue fire 1/5/21 - 9:15 am Two-alarm fire on Crescent Avenue in Dorchester 26 Crescent Ave. Dorchester
Firefighters on second floor of Wayland Street house 4/28/22 - 6:40 pm Fire on Wayland Street in Dorchester displaces eight, kills two dogs 42 Wayland St. Dorchester
Fire at 44 Maxwell St. in Dorchester 1/6/21 - 12:15 pm Fire damages house on Maxwell Street in Dorchester 44 Maxwell St. Dorchester
Fire on Leedsville Street 4/30/22 - 9:45 pm Two-alarm fire burns through house on Leedsville Street in Dorchester, damages neighboring houses 21 Leedsville St. Dorchester
Fire at 1875 Dorchester Ave. 10/22/21 - 4:40 pm Two-alarm car fire erupts in Ashmont garage 1875 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
Cat getting oxygen is saved 5/20/22 - 3:45 pm Two-alarm Dorchester fire injures two people, one cat 4 Sargent St. Dorchester
1/14/21 - 3:00 am Three-alarm fire heavily damages three decker on Sudan Street in Dorchester 53 Sudan St. Dorchester
Firefighters on Dorchester Avenue 10/29/21 - 12:30 am Two-alarm fire displaces 14 at Dot. Ave. three decker 1631 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
Firefighters at Magnolia Street fire scene 2/22/21 - 11:00 pm Two-alarm fire on Magnolia Street in Dorchester displaces seven residents and two cats 127 Magnolia St. Dorchester
59 Wales St with extensive fire damage 6/27/22 - 1:15 pm Fire erupts in three decker on Wales Street in Dorchester, spreads to neighboring house 59 Wales St. Dorchester
11/26/21 - 11:20 pm Fire erupts in house on Hannon Street in Dorchester 15 Hannon St. Dorchester
7/15/22 - 2:50 pm Three-alarm fire spreads from one three decker to another in Codman Square 23 Lithgow St. Dorchester
1063 Washington St. fire 12/3/21 - 5:55 pm Two-alarm fire heavily damages building under construction on Washington Street in Dorchester 1063 Washington St. Dorchester
Firefighter on roof at Glenway Street 2/2/21 - 4:40 pm Fire on Glenway Street sends one to the hospital with burns 157 Glenway St. Dorchester
975 Dorchester Ave. fire 8/13/22 - 12:40 pm House on fire on Dorchester Avenue 975 Dorchester Ave. Dorchester
Fuller Street fire 1/30/21 - 1:30 pm Frozen hydrants hamper firefighters at two Dorchester fires 110 Fuller St. Dorchester
Fire damage on Castlerock Street 6/18/21 - 2:50 am Savin Hill fire displaces six, kills one cat 15 Castlerock St. Dorchester
Firefighters in Ramada Inn 1/24/22 - 11:30 am For second day in a row, fire breaks out at Morrissey Boulevard hotel 800 Morrissey Blvd. Dorchester
Firefighters at Shepton Street fire 6/14/21 - 11:15 pm Two-alarm fire on Shepton Street in Dorchester displaces six 61 Shepton St. Dorchester
Heavy fire at Bowdoin and Washington in Dorchester 1/27/22 - 6:30 pm Dorchester laundromat goes up in flames; two firefighters injured 9 Bowdoin St. Dorchester
25 Peverell St. 10/2/22 - 10:05 am Wind-whipped fire spreads from one three decker to three neighboring houses in Dorchester 25 Peverell St. Dorchester
Boston and Massport fire crews pour water on burning boat 5/29/21 - 6:00 pm Water, water everywhere comes in handy when boat bursts into flames Rowes Wharf Downtown
Firefighters at manhole explosion scene 6/2/22 - 8:40 am Manholes explode near South Station 10 High St. Downtown
Fire at One Congress Street 6/24/22 - 10:20 am Five-alarm fire in new office tower next to Government Center Garage downtown 1 Congress St. Downtown
Firefighters at 1 Congress St. 7/30/22 - 12:00 pm More trouble at old Government Center Garage site: Four-alarm fire 1 Congress St. Downtown
Fire on Maverick Street 2/28/22 - 3:40 am Six-alarm fire hits three Maverick Square buildings; one resident brought down by ladder 183 Maverick St. East Boston
Meridian Street fire scene 3/29/22 - 12:30 am Early morning fire displaces 19 on Meridian Street in East Boston 366 Meridian St. East Boston
4/10/22 - 9:00 pm Person rescued from fire on Bayswater Street in East Boston 166 Bayswater St. East Boston
Firefighters at Suffolk Downs 5/30/22 - 10:10 pm Boston firefighters battle blaze in old grandstand at Suffolk Downs; hampered by lack of water 625 McClellan Highway East Boston
Hemenway Street fire 3/15/22 - 10:10 pm Fire hits building on Hemenway Street in the Fenway 26 Hemenway St. Fenway
Firefighters on ladders at Symphony Road 11/30/21 - 2:15 pm Fire in Fenway apartment building 49 Symphony Rd. Fenway
Firefighters at Jersey Street fire 7/20/22 - 12:45 pm Four displaced by fire on Jersey Street in the Fenway 107 Jersey St. Fenway
10/15/22 - 11:30 am Attic fire on Hyde Park Avenue in Hyde Park 1172 Hyde Park Ave. Hyde Park
10/26/22 - 6:30 pm Two-alarm fire displaces 15 in Hyde Park 40 Maple St. Hyde Park
1/23/22 - 1:20 pm Fire displaces five on Derry Road in Hyde Park 6 Derry Rd. Hyde Park
Norton Street house after fire 7/17/22 - 7:10 am Trapped by fire in Readville, mom tosses baby from second-floor window to her downstairs neighbor - an off-duty firefighter 22 Norton St. Hyde Park
Firefighter at Pond Street in Hyde Park 1/30/21 - 8:30 pm Hyde Park fire displaces nine 35 Pond St. Hyde Park
1/23/22 - 10:28 pm Firefighters quickly knock down fire in house on River Street in Hyde Park 1808 River St. Hyde Park
Firefighters at Boylston Street fire 5/3/21 - 7:00 am Resident rescued by ladder from fire on Boylston Street in Jamaica Plain; turtles also saved 20 Boylston St. Jamaica Plain
Firefighters at Cornwall Street fire in Jamaica Plain 7/6/21 - 5:30 am Two-alarm fire breaks out on Cornwall Street in Jamaica Plain 41 Cornwall St. Jamaica Plain
Boston fire ladders on Glenn Road 11/20/22 - 3:50 pm Fire erupts in attic of house on Glen Road in Jamaica Plain 65 Glen Rd. Jamaica Plain
Firefighters at Minden Street home 7/1/22 - 5:45 pm House fire on Minden Street in Jamaica Plain displaces four people, one dog 83 Minden St. Jamaica Plain
Fire on Wachusett Street 3/9/21 - 8:25 am Fire damages two-family house on Wachusett Street in Jamaica Plain 190 Wachusett St. Jamaica Plain
Firefighters at Sunnyside Street fire 3/15/21 - 10:45 am Two-alarm fire breaks out on Sunnyside Street in Jamaica Plain 8 Sunnyside St. Jamaica Plain
3313 Washington St. fire in Jamaica Plain 12/25/21 - 7:00 am Firefighter injured in fall at two-alarm Jamaica Plain fire 3313 Washington St. Jamaica Plain
Blue Hill Avenue fire 4/8/22 - 1:30 pm One resident injured as fire erupts in apartment building on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan 1333 Blue Hill Ave. Mattapan
9/17/21 - 12:15 pm Fire erupts in basement on Holmfield Avenue in Mattapan 19 Holmfield Ave. Mattapan
Deering Road fire 4/24/22 - 10:15 am Four residents injured in fire on Deering Road in Mattapan 115 Deering Rd. Mattapan
Firefighters at Fessenden Street fire 2/19/21 - 10:00 pm Two-alarm fire in Mattapan displaces seven; firefighter fell through porch but was OK and kept battling blaze 34 Fessenden St. Mattapan
Hazelton Street fire 5/15/21 - 6:45 am Resident, firefighter injured in two-alarm fire on Hazleton Street in Mattapan 120 Hazleton St. Mattapan
Firefighters on roof of 30 Gurney St. 3/5/22 - 2:30 am Fire starts on exterior of Mission Hill building Gurney St. Mission Hill
Boston firefighters at 59 Pontiac St. on Mission Hill 3/8/21 - 9:51 pm Resident injured escaping from Mission Hill fire by jumping from second floor 59 Pontiac St. Mission Hill
Remains of 3927 Washington St. 11/8/22 - 5:45 pm Fire displaces 15 people, 4 cats in Roslindale 3927 Washington St. Roslindale
Firefighters at 519 Poplar St. fire 10/22/21 - 7:05 pm House in Roslindale near golf course catches fire 519 Poplar St. Roslindale
10/29/21 - 6:50 am Fire breaks out in Roslindale house under renovation 9 Littledale St. Roslindale
Firefighters at 17 Murray Hill Road fire 3/7/21 - 12:00 am Roslindale fire displaces four people, three dogs 17 Murray Hill Rd. Roslindale
Fire at 5 Marion St. in Roslindale 7/4/22 - 5:25 pm Firefighter injured in Roslindale house fire 5 Marion St. Roslindale
Bateman Street fire 12/15/21 - 8:55 pm Roslindale house catches fire 2 Bateman St. Roslindale
2/9/21 - 10:20 pm Fire displaces seven on Metropolitan Avenue in Roslindale 91 Metropolitan Ave. Roslindale
Wellsmere Road fire 1/15/22 - 11:00 am Two-alarm fire hits two-family home in Roslindale 60 Wellsmere Rd. Roslindale
Firefighters on roof of 61 Cliffmont St. in Roslindale 4/24/21 - 3:55 pm Two-alarm fire on Cliffmont Street in Roslindale displaces five 61 Cliffmont St. Roslindale
9/28/22 - 6:45 am Firefighter injured at fire on Beech Street in Roslindale 498 Beech St. Roslindale
Fire at 48 Edgewood St. 3/1/21 - 4:30 pm Firefighter, resident injured in three-alarm Roxbury fire; firefighters keep it from spreading to nearby houses despite wind 48 Edgewood St. Roxbury
Forest Street fire 9/19/22 - 4:50 pm Fire rips through house on Forest Street in Roxbury 9 Forest St. Roxbury
2/1/22 - 10:30 pm Machine catches fire in Northeastern science building 805 Columbus Ave. Roxbury
East 4th fire scene 10/1/21 - 3:15 am Nine displaced by early morning fire on East 4th Street in South Boston 893 East 4th St. South Boston
11/13/21 - 7:15 pm Rooftop fire empties Trillium Brewing in the Seaport 50 Thomson Pl. South Boston
Southampton Street fire 12/29/21 - 3:30 am Fire at new Mass and Cass encampment destroys several tents 115 Southampton St. South End
Firefighters deal with solar-panel fire 5/13/22 - 1:45 pm Rooftop solar flare erupts in West Roxbury 53 Birchland Ave. West Roxbury
Hot yoga studio 11/1/21 - 1:00 am Fire heavily damages West Roxbury yoga studio 1524 VFW Parkway West Roxbury
Washington Street fire 2/27/21 - 8:30 am House on fire on Washington Street in West Roxbury 5083 Washington St. West Roxbury