Watching a date from hell

FoxInDetox chronicles the first date next to her at the bar. If you're a woman thinking of going out with a 50-ish man who calls himself Bodah, just don't.




Remind me not to be anywhere

By MarkB on

Remind me not to be anywhere near her in the next 20 years. That's a lot of effort to piss and moan about someone else's bad date. Imagine what would happen if you actually dated her and you didn't measure up! No doubt I am not worthy.

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Worried you wouldn't measure up?!

By on

Let's see. In the course of this one bad date, the gentleman...

1. Loudly and repeatedly berated the entire waitstaff for what he considered horrible transgressions, such as not dropping an order at another table to rush over and take his drink order which obviously had precedence over everything. Was also upset that the time-honored gesture of finger-snapping didn't immediately summon deferential waitstaff ready to serve his every need.

2. Appeared oblivious to body language and kept rubbing his testicles all over his date ("Oh! Tentacles! TENTACLES. N-T.") while she repeatedly told him she was not into public displays of affection, that she did not know him all that well to feel comfortable with it, and I'm sure if she had a lolcat image saying DO NOT WANT, she'd have showed it to him. Hell, it may have helped.

3. Attempted to scam a free meal by complaining about every single aspect of it, including lying about how he wanted his steak. Turned out he'd tried this in the past in the same restaurant, and was called on it loudly and publically by the bartender (who just happened to be the owner's daughter.)

4. Took his date's leftovers on the strength of the argument that since he was paying for the food (minus all the stuff that he insisted be taken off the bill), it was his. Even if the dinner had gone flawlessly and he paid for it all, taking his date's leftovers would've been a dick move anyway.

5. Made a further scene by trying to leave through the kitchen, which caused the kitchen staff to physically impede his path and make him exit through the non-Employees Only doors., um, yeah. His picayune social faults were chronicled extensively by someone who's so picky! Criminy. And you snark that you wouldn't measure up to her standards? Hell, I think anything short of dropping trou and demanding the entire establishment bow down to the Pantheon In Your Pants would've been considered an improvement. You wouldn't have much to worry about there.

On the other hand, seriously, why did you try to snark on the poster, anyway? It was weak rhetoric and if anything sets you up for "Well if you don't think you're worthy..." jabs in return. But oh well, this is the Internet, isn't it?

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By Rhea on

I was enthralled by her account of the date gone bad. I sure hope Mary never hears from that outrageous jerk again.

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