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Problematical Library Use. Interlibrary Loan ILL. Boston Brookine Cambridge Somerville.

Many people haven't yet used interlibrary loan readily available at our branch public libraries for books, audio and video not on the shelves within the immediate Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville and other Massachusetts' libraries systems.

Better software is being developed for tracking what titles library users/customers/consumers ask for.

Alternately new book suggestions, audio suggestions and video suggestions can be submitted for local branch libraries' collections.

Hints, tips and pointers for more effective use of interlibrary loan...

Branch Boston public libraries

Branch Brookline public libraries

Branch Cambridge public libraries

Branch Somerville public libraries

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Thank you Zak.... that is the by far the most legible post of yours that I have see. It is appreciated.

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I tried that once. Unfortunately, the library I wanted the book from was in Norfolk County and my (Boston) library card was from Suffolk County. I was shot down.
I'd also love to eb able to get audio books from the BPL for my iPod, but I have a Mac which the BPL says is not compatible with their system.
I miss the libraries in RI - everything was set up for easy access and use statewide.

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Thank you, Don! I had no idea that was now publicly available. I used to use it all the time when I worked for MIT, and even swiped a WorldCat password from there so I could continue using it from home after I no longer worked at MIT. The password kept working for a few more years, then stopped. Glad to have this service available again.

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what's worldcat?

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A union catalog of the holdings of libraries throughout the world. A totally wonderful resource. Click on the link, you'll see.

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Is this what you are looking for?

Virtual Catalog

The Virtual Catalog allows library users in good standing to:

Simultaneously search several library catalogs.
Request items that are unavailable at any Minuteman Library.

This should work across county or library-network boundaries.

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