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When will the nightmare end?


Welcome back to Apple Nerds Held Hostage, Day 4. Shane Curcuru took this photo (yes, with his own iPhone) outside the Cambridgeside Galleria Apple store around 6 p.m. today.

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I predict that Cambridgeside will be the only place with 16 GB iPhones (white only) tomorrow. Natick will have the 8 GB (only comes in black). Other than that, all Apple stores ikn MA tomorrow will be sold out.

This I predict.

Oh, yeah, well, maybe "predict" is a strong word.

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I waited in line 1 hour at Cambridgeside on Saturday. Activation took 15 minutes. They even had the color I wanted. Then I was out and on my way.

And some jerk took a picture of me and posted it here, too.


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What - I thought my blog posting riff on the wait was excellent. So I only get a photo link today?

Yeah, I was hoping to find more suitably ironic iPhone 1.0 picture takers or iPhone 2.0 lines, but I guess I'm not reading enough of the right feeds to keep up with the true Apple insiders.

I am curious though: why those predictions? Newton and the Galleria store I can see, but why white here and black there?

Oh: we totally missed out on poking fun of Apple's "What to bring for the line for an iPhone" page:

What to bring.

To purchase and activate iPhone 3G, you need the following:

* Credit card
* Social security number
* Blood of firstborn child, or favorite pet, as applicable
* Camping supplies (check with local mall if indoors)
* Plenty of non-perishable food and water
* Plenty of spare battery chargers, solar panels, or books for entertainment

Please do not change your mail forwarding address, as Apple stores cannot accept General Delivery mail on your behalf.

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My apologies. The photo showed up in my RSS reader, but not your post. Looks like I need to hit something somewhere.

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Those predictions weren't really "predictions" as much as they were "dictions" from the link I posted. The link goes to Apple's website where you can query by state to see what every store in the state's inventory on iPhone 3G's will be for the next business day (must check after 9 PM and before 8 AM each night to see the inventory). Last night's inventory indicated that every store in MA was out of all three models except for Cambridgeside having some 16 GB white ones and Natick having some of the 8 GB black ones.

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I call not fair using the power of the internets to make your predictions! I thought you were casting bones, or reading the stars, or trying to make some snarky and tangential social comments about who'd be likely to wait in line at each of those locations.

But cool link. I suppose I can draw my own seat-of-the-pants snarky conclusion that suburban shoppers will spend the dough, and need the white ones to go with their white summer outfits, and... (I'd better stop now).

Wow, frightening image. What would Nostradamus think?

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Just noticed the UH ads associated with this story's page: two big camo-green ads for "Rapid Deployment Kits" with a helmeted soldier. Click-through shows it's from ccci.org, and they're "Providing Spiritual Resources for our Troops". For just $52 donation you can have 16 RDK's with a pocket New Testament, etc. sent to the troops for their spiritual welfare.

I'm truly all for supporting anyone who serves honorably in the armed forces on the ground, immaterial of politics. And I'm all for religious freedom and free speech. But I'm also amused by unusual connections, and can't help wondering what snarky parallels we can draw between the iPhone line "nightmare" and these ads...

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