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Massport doesn't need any state help, right?

First the turnpike authority, now the T: T warns of fare hike if agency is not rescued - in 2010. Massive fare hikes, dontcha know, although Dan Grabauskas says he hasn't quite worked out just how massive.

The Outraged Liberal is sympathetic but notes MBTA honcho Dan Grabauskas's lack of subtlety:

... The timing of the threat is especially interesting -- right after lawmakers started to address the mismanagement at the Mass. Turnpike Authority caused by another legislative scheme that saddled the Big Dig costs on a highway system that thought it was good politics to eliminate tolls on most of its users.

Smilin' Dan's threats come as the system is experiencing major increases in ridership caused by soaring gasoline prices -- the perfect time, in his mind, for a blackmail threat like this.

And funny, there is no mention of the quid pro quo that must be demanded in exchange -- cleaning up the T's house -- right at the top. ...

Mike Mennonno: Stop the madness:

... Deval Patrick has yet to show any real leadership on the issue, as he promised to do back in 2006 when he was running for office. But his office has released a statement, according to the Globe "expressing Patrick's commitment 'to work together to deliver quality, affordable public transit.'" Well, Governor, let's get on it already.

Riggs: Is anyone really ever surprised by any of the nonsense that comes out of the T?

Commute-a-holic is not amused, either:

... Seriously - why can't the T at least manage within its budget? Did they really need to roll out WiFi? Do they need to have 65 odd vehicles for employees to commute to and from work? ...


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