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Can a black man find true love with a white woman?

Harold isn't sure:

... No matter what the idealists and romantics say, love is not blind, nor is it ethereal. Love is based on one's ideals, fantasies, insecurities, and other elements of personality. Surely racist stratification of women influences these entities from an early age, e.g. the minute one’s mom reads him Snow White, Rappunzel, or Cinderella, or he watches cartoons. Thus, one can sincerely love someone from another race, no doubt, but the initial attraction and subsequent adoration are probably informed by subconscious notions of whiteness' grandeur. Even if this is not the case, the question is still worth asking. Until we achieve genuine equality, which is likely a couple more centuries away, we should always wonder whether a black man's love and relationship with a non-black woman is completely untainted by his own socialization. ...

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One could very easily raise an analogous question about whether a female can sincerely love a male. The power dynamic around socialization is similar. Perhaps a main difference is that while social pressures would tend to work against an interracial relationship, they strongly reinforce heterosexual ones, so the question of whether males and females can enjoy a "pure" love untainted by socialization is even more in doubt.

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