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Who wants to be on TV?

Here is the scoop... Do you live in the Boston area? I am looking for submissions for either a busy mom, or a college student just entering the workforce (You could either be one or know one). We will be filming a segment for Channel 7 News (NBC) "The Style File".

We will help you turn your dressing routine from frumpy to foxy! We'll also help you go from drab winter to sunny spring! We will film in your home, in your closet and you will be given a makeover fit for a queen by two Hollywood style divas!

Please give me a couple paragraphs about yourself, or your friend, and tell us why you want to go from frumpy to foxy!

Send your submissions to liz AT rockpub DOT com



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If they filmed inside my home, how *I* look would be the least of my problems.


From the brains behind http://www.bigdumptruck.com

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Well, maybe they'd be willing to just film you in your dump truck.

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How hard am I laughing right now. I don't need someone to make me go from frumpy to foxy (i enjoy frumpy... foxy would just make the men jump my bones. ha! as if).

I need ty pennington and his team to come in and knock my house over and rebuild it before another reality show can come in and change my pants, and shirts, and dresses...


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