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Should I be sad at the loss, or happy to loose the posers.

The Sox are to say the least, returning to the not so glory days of the Sux. The amazing ability to walk into a major league park and completely forget what the heck they do for a living. To swing the bat as if Pitchers are throwing golf ball. I would say they are fielding with all the prowess of me, but I have caught a baseball once.

At the same time, I am watching my friends and neighbors, get bored with the Sox. People who in years past i.e. pre 2004 could not find Fenway Park on a map. Who became fans somewhere in the middle of the Dave Roberts run from first to second on October 17th, 2004 and Opening Day of 2005. These fans do not keep up with the players, or know who the team is playing until they turn on NESN. But what they lack in knowledge, they make up for in enthusiasm, and noise.

Now, they are dealing with what to a new fan, is a long loosing streak, and an amazing ability to fall apart in games they are expected to win. I know they are going to do this. I almost expect this team to do this. No group of grown men playing this game of children are better at pulling defeat from the jaws of victory than any man in a Red Sox uniform.

So the people who do not understand this. People who never figured out the infield fly rule, or know what a rule 5 player is. People who have not yet realized there never was a gas station under the CITGO sign. And they are leaving Red Sox Nation, leaving, not for another Nation, but to become fans of Football or Basketball.

Part of me wants to convince them to stay, to tell them that being a Red Sox fan takes time, it takes faith. They are not just a baseball team, but a fickle lover, and a church with slightly insane worshipers. Not just a baseball team. Then I remember, to these new fans, they are just a Baseball team, and they are just fans. Not card carrying members of Red Sox Nation.

Thus I must decided, do I want my team, my fickle 25 headed lover to start winning again, or do I want one bad run so only the dedicated remain.

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I expected to be hounded by Red Sox nation for this one, and I was ignored. The one I posted (in my personal blog) because I liked the rhyme and the image.

You would think I had just declaired tax free weekend a joke on the masses.

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