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Is the Daily Show growing up?

This Daily Show is gonna be a keeper. Part of me is stunned that the President of Pakistani is on the Daily Show, part of me is amazed at how serious Jon Stewart is right now. I don't know what Pervez Musharraf was thinking when he agreed to appear on the Daily Show, but both he and Jon are taking this very seriously. Perhaps President Pervez Musharraf thinks this is the best way to reach the people of America. Perhaps he thought this was a serious Show is our word for funny, his word for serious?

I like his response to Jon when Jon asked him why if the Talaban keeps trying to kill him why he takes the same route to work every day. His response “Because I want them to know I am not afraid of them.” I do believe he is about to win over the American people. This interview will be talked about in the morning. The major news outlets, and by this I so do not count Fox, will be showing clips of this interview.

Jon has read and studied his book, he appears to be quoting sections of the book during his questions. He is looking toward the future more than I think any one in the current administration is.

When he wants to be, Jon Stewart is an amazing interviewer!

Is Comedy Central's the Daily Show growing up?


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I posted a transcript of the Daily Show interview with President Musharraf on The Third Path. By the way, Musharraf's response to the mention of the bridge was quite different from what you posted: "Yes, indeed, we have been successful [combatting al Qaeda and terrorism], because we have eliminated them from our cities. We caught over 600, about 680 of them, from the cities. They are no more in our cities, and therefore I keep travelling through the same bridge every time. Almost daily."

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He said it while Jon was eating the Twinkie.

You did not transcribe the entire interview.

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Say what you want, but I've given up on the so-called "network" white guys yelling at each other and much prefer Stewart's heady (if satire-dripping) news, because he's so much more focused on the truth than anything else I see. And not afraid to cut through the BS and call it for what it is.

His interview with Pakistan's president (Twinkie and all...masterful!) was proof that he's not only a comedian, he's a SMART comedian. A lot more than I can say for other "news guys" (and women) who sit behind desks in front of cameras...

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