Introducing the CharlieCard mitten

This is brilliant. How long before someone starts producing them commercially?



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By on long as they come in idiot mittens, I'm always loosing gloves and with my luck it would be the Charlie Card mitten.

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No way, no way, no way ....

By John K on


IS this for real????? Did she really just start making these the other day???

This is going to be all over the news, within DAYS. It's a hilarious idea ... plus, it's functional!

I'm dead serious.

I need 100 of them, glove model, for men.

$15 a pair? Maybe even $20?

Get our off-shore manufacturing plant on it, stat.

I really love the idea.

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Not for $20...

By on

I don't think you'd be able to get many people to hand-knit you a pair of mittens for $20. Gloves would be even more time-consuming. So unless you actually DID ship these to your offshore manufacturing plant, they're going to be a lot more expensive.

I could sew you fleece ones for probably around $20 for mittens and $30 for gloves. But knit ones would be waaaay more in labor and supplies.

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You can sell these to subway riders in Fiji!

By Rhea on

I think cities around the world use the CharlieCard -type cards, so there is a huge market for this. Except on subway systems in warm places like Fiji. I actually don't think they have a subway system. But it's just a matter of time. With all the erratic global warming weather effects, clearly Boston and Fiji are exchanging climates. Fiji is sure to build underground transit and need warm mittens pretty soon.

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or at least Chicago

Chicago Card is very similar to CharlieCard, and they have a colder climate than we do. Some day NYC will also use RFID cards, but that's years away.

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charity raffle for CharlieCard mittens

e-mail from Colleen, the Subway Knitter:

I'm trying to do a little good during my 15 minutes. Just to let all interested T riders (and anyone else) know, I’m holding a charity raffle for a pair of CharlieCard Mittens. Between now and January 26th anyone who donates to Rosie’s Place via a secure PayPal link on my blog, will be entered into a raffle for a custom-made pair of CharlieCard Mittens.

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