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Anyone know what's going in where the Cumberland Farms was on Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton?

Anyone know what's going in where the Cumberland Farms was on Chestnut Hill Ave in Brighton?

(More condos?)



Shows how often I go towards Cleveland Circle.

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Is there a law that they have to let old gas stations lie fallow for a year or two after they yank the tanks out of the ground? It seems like that's what always happens. (Current case in point, the old Gulf at the corner of Rt 9 and Brookline Ave.)

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the remediation process is super expensive and is a bureaucratic nightmare.

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Remediation can certainly be expensive, it's a lot easier to not spill chemicals into the soil and groundwater than clean them up. That being said, there are many proven technologies for this, particularly for petroleum. Calling it a bureaucratic nightmare is a bit extreme though. MA has a very well defined set of regulations (the Massachusetts Contingency Plan) that has been around for 25 years now and is well understood by the industry

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From the Inspectional Services Dept.:

Cumberland Farms Convenience Store -; Facility upgrade;; Work to include :; Demolition of existing structure on site and replace with a new 1-story Commercial building reoriented on the Lot.; Reconstruction and relocation of new Gasoline pumping stations and underground Gasoline tanks field (;with a slight increase in the capacity of the tank field). The redesign is intended to improve circulation within the site and access to /egress to site from the Public roadway (Chestnut Hill Avenue)

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So, new Cumbies?

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Renovations. There was a sign on the door a while back (I think this was in April?) saying they were closing until August to improve the store

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