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Anyone seen Curtis?

Curtis is a homeless man who is often seen on Congress St, near the Metro cafe. Haven't seen him lately, and was wondering if anyone knew anything. I hope he's all right.



I've been wondering the same. Last time I saw Curtis was about 6 weeks ago and it was in the early am, not his usual evening hours. I'm going to reach out to the woman who was taking care of his cat Beast and see if she has any news.

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I reached out to Jen, the person who has been taking care of Beast. She has been in contact with Curtis. She reports that he injured his knee and has been staying at the home of a friend.

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Check the Shattuck (DPH) for a medical hospitalization. Also, check DMH for a psychiatric hospitalization. Erich Lindemann, Solomon Carter Fuller

I am not familiar with this gentleman, but I have worked in institutional settings and sometimes these folks end up there for a stay.

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He was back at his post Wednesday morning! :)

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