Skipping stones

Kuromi Bunny asks:

Looking for a good pond/lake around Boston that has a bunch of small rocks nearby. I really want to go skip some rocks with someone when it gets nice.




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What's that in the pond, a head?

Wherever you go, don't be like that kid I yelled at, at Walden. He was skipping stones in the direction of people swimming. Only their heads were above the water, of course, so a rock strike could have been fatal.

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Think before you skip

40 years ago, I was walking along the beach and saw the perfect skipping rock. I gave it a fling and got three skips.

Just yesterday I was walking down the same beach and saw the same exact rock right at the shoreline. The rock looked up at me and said "What the hell was THAT all about?".

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Spot Pond

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Spot Pond in Stoneham is good - might have to check around for a good shoreline.

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Hull Gut

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Pemberton Point at the end of Hull is a Skippy-Stone Paradise. Also, if you arrive near sunset the view is spectacular as the sun sets over Boston. It is also a stop on the Hull/Hingham boat. Don't forget to stop for a taste at nearby Jo's Nautical Bar, formerly known as Darcy's.

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Deer Island

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The strip joining Deer Island to the mainland and sewage treatment plant has a lot of rocky rocks to play with.

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