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Americanized Chinese food

Deb asks:

Suggestions for Americanized Chinese food in Boston for visiting parent? General Gao's chicken, moo shu whatever, fried rice, lo mein, nothing too authentically Chinese or fusion, not take-out only.



Do people consider Mary Chung "Americanized"?

I think Mary Chung is in a happy spot between Americanized and not. Also depends on what you order. I’m a fan of it myself.


Rose's in Somerville.



Barely, but yes. You are correct!

It used to be on Broadway at one point - I'm getting old.


Mary Chung’s in central square. come for the americanized food, stay for the history, the dandan noodles and the schuan la chao sho


The missus has a tradition involving Americanized Chinese food. Cathay Pacific is one of the spots on our list.

Kowloon in Saugus, but since that is on the other side of the world from us, it's only a vague suggestion.


About as old school polychinese as it gets.

Then there is, as always, Bowling at the Hong Kong


One of my cousins worked at the Hong Kong down by Faneuil Hall shortly after arriving from Dublin. Never been myself, but from the stories I heard, this might be right up their alley.


I fondly fail to remember visiting the Harvard Square location sometime around my 21st birthday!

No. No. Great Chow in Wollaston.

... is a typical American-style place.


Bostonians of a certain age like myself will remember the legendary Bob Lee's islander on Tyler Street in Chinatown for what is now known as Americanized Chinese food. It was like walking into an exotic Disneyland. And Bob Lee himself would greet you at the door. It was the golden age of what would now be known as a "tiki" place. For those who are sticklers for political correctness, these places may have been somewhat short on authenticity and historical accuracy, but back then they were a wonderland for people of all ages. And the food was good too.



I sent a pic of a menu for a place that we went "bowling" in Williamstown, MA (we could walk from our motel) and my son immediately said "Diarrhea Dragon".

It was fantastic, BTW.

Shanghai Village in Arlington Center

now Taipei Tokyo. Haven’t tried the Japanese fare, but the Taiwanese is pretty traditional, not Westernized.

Does it have to be Chinese? Pho Lemongrass in Coolidge Corner is great.

This may be one of the most refreshingly direct and honest questions ever posted.


Changsho on Mass Ave between Harvard and Porter is well known for good Americanized Chinese food.

@ The Street, Route 9, Chestnut Hill. (Next to Showcase SuperLux.) Very Americanized, quite tasty.

I’m with Adam; Golden Temple.

I recommend the Americanized dishes at Dumpling Cafe in Chinatown.

Not one person said KOWLOON yet??!!

Qing Dao Garden (in North Cambridge on Mass Ave near its intersection with the bike path) and Wang's Fast Food (on the phallic strip of Broadway in Somerville at Magoun Square) both have a solid lineup of American-Chinese favorites (peking ravs, crab rangoon, chow mein, etc), along with good house-made dumplings. I think these two places were started by the same family, but I'm not absolutely sure about this.

(What saddens me is the loss of Hana Sushi on Mass Ave (on same block as Qing Dao), which closed over the summer. This was a reliable spot for Japanese & Korean food that my whole family loved. A new Japanese restaurant is opening in its place, but unfortunately it looks like it offers far fewer veggie options.)