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Donating a used pediatric wheelchair and walker

Chaz asks:

Any thoughts on where in/near Boston we could donate a pediatric wheelchair / walker? Our little one is nearly recovered and MGH/ Children’s can’t accept returned equipment.



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A non-profit was set up in 1954 after an Italian freighter called the Etrusco washed ashore in Scituate. The people clothed, fed, and housed the sailors for months until the freighter could be refloated. They kept the society going and now it takes donations of medical equipment and lends it out at no cost.

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Firefox wouldn't let me go to the dmereuse.org site.
Post it on craigslist.org would be my suggestion, unless your looking for a tax deduction, then maybe Salvation Army. They have a big donation drop-off / rehab center in Saugus and I'm sure others.

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Sharewood (https://medicine.tufts.edu/local-global-engagement/sharewood) is a clinic in Malden run by Tufts Medical School students. They do a lot of work with children. They have taken my old crutches and might well have some use for a pediatric wheelchair.

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If you're still looking, try Rep. Bruce Ayers. He also makes a business of adapting houses and vehicles for the disabled. His heart is in helping and distributing such aids as yours. When I had a gruesome leg break with major surgery and rehab, he took my old gear to distribute free to others. Good guy. His company is here.

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Hospital Equipment Loan Program (HELP) Woburn, MA

Many local Lions Clubs also have loaner programs that accept used equipment.

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I posted this question about my knee scooter on Nextdoor. Someone offered to pick it up in 5 minutes. Wanted to buy it but I just asked her not to sell it later.

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