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Exchanging euros

Ryan asks:

Best exchange rate to exchange euro to dollar ? Preferably downtown.



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Your best bet (assuming you bank at a large institution like BofA, Citizens, etc.) is to go to your personal bank and purchase your Dollars. Most large banks will waive the admin fee if you have an account there and the rate will be whatever the commercial exchange rate is.

Don't be fooled by what you might see online if you search for the exchange rate. Often when you search online you get the inter-bank rate which is different (better) than the commercial consumer exchange rate.

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Citizens charges customers $15 to exchange no matter what the amount. It is a discount over non-customers, but still no bargain.

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Bank of America (pregnant building) on Federal Street

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Go to the international terminal at Logan at exchange the money with a passenger waiting to check in to a Europe-bound flight. You can get a perfect exchange rate for no fees. Don't let the banks win!

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...has the currency exchange stand. I can’t remember the name of it right now but there is also one at the pru

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Never, ever, exchange currency at an airport.

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Not sure if you get the best rates, but I've had good experiences with the booth in the Copley Place mall.

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That booth at Copley, while somewhat convenient, is a complete rip off.

AAA Boston (if you’re a member of course) is my go-to for any currency exchange. 125 High St. in the Financial District

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