Where can I donate/recycle very used sneakers?

Any recommendations for a place that collects really worn sneakers? Ones that are no longer useable but would be wasted tossing in the recycle bag. A downtown location would be appreciated but I can 'travel' if it is outside downtown.




landfill them. they aren't

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landfill them. they aren't recycleable. donate a cheap but new pair to any one of a number of organizations that serve low- to no- income people.

People might be poor and homeless, but spare them shoes that are un-useable, and spare the folks who have to sort them from throwing them away for you.

Everyone deserves dignity.


Nike Store

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The Nike Store on Newbury St will take old sneakers. I believe they recycle them into gym mats or similar. Been taking mine there for a few years.


So, too worn to wear, too

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So, too worn to wear, too good to recycle? What does that even mean? Let it go Elsa, throw them in the *trash.

Do I understand correctly

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Do I understand correctly that you're seeking a place where you can recycle sneakers that would be wasted if you tossed them in the "recycle bag"?

Clothing donation boxes accept them

Most of the clothing donation boxes you see around town will accept them. Anything that is too worn out to be wearable is still used for textile recycling -- what used to be called the "rag trade".

They do NOT go into municipal recycling bins.

I don't know if Malden is too

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I don't know if Malden is too far out of your way, but all five K-8 schools in Malden have clothing recycle bins located outside the schools. They take shoes (boots, sneakers, heels, cleats, slippers, sandals, flip flops) among many other things - any clothes, hats, gloves, scarfs, pocketbooks, duffle bags, belts, ties, bathrobes, any bed or bath linens, throw rugs, draperies tableclothes, placemats, and stuffed animals. Per their flyer, in any condition, 95% of all textiles can be recycled or reused.
Malden Public schools get $50/ton from the company (Bay State Textiles).

New Balance & Nike take them

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recycle them into clothing, playground mats, etc. If they're wearable still, any clothing donation box will take them.

Boston Hazardous Waste Collection Days

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If you can wait until summer, Boston collects textiles for recycling (including shoes, backpacks, underwear, socks, stuffed animals, linens, belts, and much more) at all Hazardous Waste Collection Days.

The July and September collections will be closer to downtown than the June and August ones in West Roxbury. They only accept donations via car though, you're not allowed to just walk up.