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By speakingouthere - 12/16/14 - 7:17 pm

All Lives Matter

BY Deb CH 2014

You may think I deserved to die
My family still will mourn, grieve, and cry

Do they have the right
Or just pretend I did not exist

Innocent victims in harms way
Never to live another day

Such a damn shame we say

Police running to save a life
Soldiers facing war and strife

SWAT in the midst of a hostage crisis
CIA, FBI chasing ISIS

First responders on the scene
Firefighters in the heat and flame

Someone died, now who to blame

All lives matter
Young or old

By JennyMack - 5/13/10 - 12:35 pm

BU Today reflects with BU alums on their experience in the class of 1970 and the cancellation of their commencement. The class of 1970 has been invited to participate in this weekend's commencement exercises at Boston University.

By adamg - 5/8/06 - 8:07 am

Dennis Fox posts photos from a demonstration last night outside a dinner sponsored by the American-Israel Public Affairs Committee for Massachusetts congressmen:

... Protesters from a variety of Jewish and other peace groups showed up to express disgust with AIPAC's efforts to out-right-wing Israel's right wing. ...

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