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By John Guilfoil - 9/8/06 - 1:35 pm

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Money is the driving power in media. Fox is driven by money but their drive is more visible because they stand alone on the right side of the spectrum. This article is less about the documentary, Outfoxed, than a commentary about modern media and politics.

Bear with me as I've written a ton of soft features lately. Here's something to wake up the politicos.

Somewhere, towards the end perhaps, this will be relevant to public relations.

Outfoxed, a 2004 documentary by Robert Greenwald, tries to show the dangers of corporate control over the media by citing commonly right-of-center news source, Fox. Greenwald and a group of volunteers monitored Fox News Channel 24 hours per day for several months looking for “conservative bias” in its news reporting. The resulting film shows that Fox is indeed a conservative-leaning media outlet and corporately controlled

By John Guilfoil - 8/24/06 - 7:26 am

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This may cause a little confusion.

According to a News Corp. press release, Twentieth Century Fox will start selling movies and television shows through web sites owned by its parent company, News Corp, which also owns IGN Entertainment.

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