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By adamg - 8/4/22 - 10:26 pm
Large wasp's nest

A concerned citizen files a 311 complaint about a wasps' nest that has all of McBride Street buzzing.

Giant wasps nest with huge wasps sitting very low in the tree. ... Wasps have white tips on their bodies.

By adamg - 7/18/20 - 10:07 pm
Cicada killer wasp

Mary Ellen photographed one of several two-inch-long cicada killer wasps flitting around Millennium Park in West Roxbury yesterday afternoon. "They were quite impressive buzzing around," she says, adding they're relatively harmless - except to cicadas - they can sting, but usually won't unless they feel threatened.

By adamg - 6/14/12 - 8:35 am

The Massachusetts Wasp Watchers project is an effort to detect and do something about, no, not wasps, but emerald ash borers, a bright-green bug that eats the leaves of ash trees - and deposits eggs that turn into bark-eating larvae. And it's looking for volunteers.

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