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East Boston Greenway

By adamg - 10/7/21 - 9:17 am

Boston Police report arresting an East Boston man on charges he tried to stab a woman as she jogged on the East Boston Greenway between Maverick and Orleans streets around 10:15 a.m. on Aug. 20. Read more.

By adamg - 6/27/21 - 12:45 pm
Rendering of building at Bremen and Gove streets

Rendering of building at Bremen and Gove streets by Embarc Studio.

A private developer and two non-profit groups have teamed up on a proposal for 426 residential units in six new buildings along Bremen and Orleans Street, between Maverick and Porter streets. Read more.

By adamg - 10/21/19 - 4:30 pm

Welch, a longtime teacher at the O’Donnell Elementary School, as well as a founder or member of numerous East Boston groups, will be honored at a renaming ceremony at 1 p.m. on Saturday, in front of the Blue Caboose - at or Zumix, 260 Sumner St., in the event of bad weather, the Boston Parks and Recreation Department announces.

Welch, 77, died this past march.

By adamg - 6/15/17 - 11:37 am

Karen Zgoda posts an account of what happened to her round 9:30 p.m. yesterday on the East Boston Greenway near the Y: Read more.

By adamg - 3/19/17 - 1:57 pm
Flooded East Boston Greenway

Unlike its better known counterpart across the harbor, the East Boston Greenway floods all the time. That's Mx. to You shows us today's flooding.

By adamg - 2/24/17 - 6:55 pm
Kids upset about soggy East Boston Greenway

A concerned citizen wonders when the city will do something about the flooding on the East Boston Greenway:

Bike path in the greenway it is still flooded, my girls bike ride got ruined, thank you for ignoring this issue!

H/t Eastie Strong.

By adamg - 7/28/15 - 10:04 am

Boston Police report a woman walking on the East Boston Greenway near Sumner Street was attacked around 8:30 a.m. on Monday.

According to the victim, the suspect approached her from behind and indecently assaulted her and then fled on foot. The suspect is described as a Hispanic male believed to be in his early twenties, approximately 5’6” to 5’8” tall, thin build, clean cut, short dark hair, wearing a plain gray t-shirt, black running pants and black sneakers.

By adamg - 2/4/15 - 8:30 am
Cab stuck on the East Boston Greenway

At first glance, John's photo of a cab stuck in the snow in East Boston this morning seems to paint a pretty awful picture of the sad state of snow plowing in East Boston.

Until you realize that the cab is not stuck on an actual road, but on the East Boston Greenway, which is a walking and bicycling path on what used to be the right of way for a train line.

Jesus, some New Yorker is a real moron.

By adamg - 4/14/14 - 7:36 am
East Boston Greenway cemetery plot

Concerned citizen is concerned about what appears to be a grave - complete with flowers - on the East Boston Greenway near the caboose and the fire station:

Some sort of witchcraft nobody ever die there yet it's a cemetery plot.

By adamg - 3/30/14 - 1:50 pm
Flooded East Boston Greenway

A number of concerned citizens are reporting flooding along the East Boston Greenway today, due to plugged up catch basins and, in one section a drain pipe from a particular basement.

By adamg - 10/31/12 - 9:15 am

EastBoston.com reports the Friends of the Greenway and the Boston Natural Areas Network will be planting day-lily bulbs along the East Boston Greenway on Thursday, between 1 and 4 p.m.

At last minute, North End group gets permission to plant 10,000 daffodil bulbs on Greenway.

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