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Orchard Gardens

By adamg - 7/18/19 - 10:59 am

The Massachusetts Appeals Court today dismissed a suit by the daughter of a woman paralyzed when shot on a road through the Orchard Gardens development in 2013, saying that because the road is a public way, the management company for the complex was not legally liable for her death, even if it had been hired on a promise to make the place safer. Read more.

By adamg - 1/9/17 - 9:21 pm

UPDATE: Victim identified as Khisean Desvarieux.

Boston Police report a man who was shot twice in the stomach shortly at 2 Dearborn St. shortly before 7:30 p.m. died at a local hospital. He was 19.

He is Boston's first homicide victim this year.

By adamg - 5/29/15 - 7:19 am

WBUR reports Erin Dukeshire, a sixth-grade science teacher at the Orchard Gardens School won one of four Fishman Prizes for Superlative Classroom Practice.

She’s part of a team that helped transform the school from one of the lowest performing in the state to one of its fastest-improving.

By adamg - 7/4/13 - 11:53 pm

If you subscribe to the Globe, you may have seen Yvonne Abraham's inspirational column on Sunday about the 15-year-old Nigerian immigrant at the Orchard Gardens School in Roxbury who became a champion javelin thrower because of how he used to use spears to catch zebras.

Only problem, as Robert A. Blewett, a professor who spent time in Nigeria as a Fulbright Scholar, reports: There are no zebras in Nigeria:

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