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DA seeking next of kin for three bodies piled in Weymouth storage locker

The Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports it's looking for next of kin of three people whose bodies were stuffed into a Weymouth self-storage unit, along with nine other bodies, allegedly by an unlicensed Dorchester funeral director who now faces trial on 278 charges related to improper disposal of bodies and the theft of pre-funeral funds.

According to the DA's office, the three people whose remains have yet to be turned over to relatives for proper burial are:

  • William J. McDougall, born in Washington state and a resident of the St. Joseph Nursing Center in Dorchester when he died at 67 in 2009.
  • Maggie Moore, born in Alabama and a resident of the Annemark Nursing Home in Revere when she died at 65 in 2005.
  • Sadie Waddy, born in Virginia and a resident of Bay Pointe Rehab in Brockton when she died at 90 in 2009.

Anyone with information should contact Brian Bukuras of the DA’s Special Prosecutions Unit at 617-619-4144.

Innocent, etc.



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