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A lot of candidates, a lot of positions in Roxbury city-council race

The Bay State Banner introduces us to the candidates, two of whom will survive Tuesday's preliminary to compete in November for the seat being given up by Tito Jackson.


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After reviewing all of the candidates the top two are definitely Jose Lopez and Angie Camacho. However, we can only vote for one, so after much deliberation I believe that Jose Lopez is the top choice. I was swayed when I saw the trailer that he converted into a campaign add that has been driving around District 7. Check out his website lopezforboston.org or his facebook page - jose lopez for boston city council.

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Jose Lopez is a great pick but I think Domonique Williams is the better candidate. The banner did not mention that the audience at the forum last week selected her as the top candidate with the best answers.

Domonique is a Roxbury native, that worked in the Obama Administration, Hunt Alternative Fund, Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, and for the City of Boston’s Fair Housing Department during Law School. For more information about her visit her campaign website at http://www.domfordistrict7.com/.

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How to communicate ideas, questions, suggestions, comment to Candidates...

Vote! Tuesday 26 September 2017 District Seven 7 Boston City Council Candidates https://twitter.com/sunshineboston/status/909110881027596289 and https://twitter.com/sunshineboston/status/909634700221861889 Blue Hill Avenue, Columbia Road, Dorchester, Dudley, Fenway, Roxbury, South End.

...one of the online mechanisms available to all folks with an interest in greater civic engagement.

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in stenography. How many more paper cuts shall be maliciously inflicted upon the innocent in their quest for records? The silence of the pro electronic records lobby speaks volumes.

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