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A parent is reaching out: 2011 murder

A parent is reaching out. Wants Boston Police to post the story about their son's murder July 31 2011. No one has been arrested for the murder. Wilson Alexander's murder July 31 2011. If you have any info to help police arrest and convict.......please come forward. Call Boston Police Crimestoppers at 1.800.494-TIPS


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Anyone read the Globe series on racism in Boston? Anyone?

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Par for the course.

As far as this post goes, I think it’s good that people make sure these tragedies don’t fade without justice being done. Now, the other Boston daily has been doing a good job on reminding us of the unsolved murders of Boston.

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You mean the one that said that while Boston has a dismal reputation with race relations, the BPD has managed to avoid incidents that have plagued other departments nationwide and have received high marks for their community outreach?

You mean that article?

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Let’s all celebrate the fact that the BPD hasn’t shot any unarmed POC on video. Yet.

How’s that body cam program going, by the way?

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You would think that the city surveyed to be the most "unwelcoming" to blacks would be in the south and full of Trump voters. Nope, it is right here in good old Boston. One of the centers for liberalism and progressives. Way to go everyone, give yourselves a pat on the back, you bunch of hypocrites.

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