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Saying good-bye to Judie Leon

The Bulletin reports 200 people attended a remembrance for Judie Leon, longtime Roslindale Square businesswoman who died last fall while doing humanitarian work in Lebanon.

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Back before there was a cheese shop, restaurants, RVMS, etc. there was the Ros board of Trade. For 90 years they kept the Square alive despite Dedham Mall, big box stores, etc. Some of the things that are best about the Sq. are the old businesses, Wallpaper city, Tony's Mkt, Ros Fish Mkt, Jays Jewlers, Bob's Pita (Droubi's), Rialto Barbers, and of course, Travel by Judie. a woman-owned business in the 1970's was rare and she was even more so. We'll miss her friendship and dedication to the neighborhood. She was also a GREAT travel agent! (just spent 45 mins on the phone with an on-line agent trying to straighten out a screwed up trip i booked myself grumble grumble grumble...)

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