Citizen complaint of the day: Somebody roamed the South End last night, ripping trash bags open

Trash on Tremont

Tremont Street this morning. Source.

Reports poured into 311 this morning about trash bags ripped open, their contents scattered about, along Tremont Street, Massachusetts Avenue and Shawmut Avenue. As one concerned citizen put it in a 311 complaint:

It appears that every bag on our block was slashed and each house has a pile of leftover trash from this AM pick up. It's too much to just pick up ourselves. We need someone from the city public works sept to come by with a broom, shovel and barrel. Thank you.

In response, Public Works sent out a crew to clean up the messes:


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Racoon Trash Party!


At this time of year, the Racoonmoms are cutting loose the broods to fend for themselves.

The broods stick together for a while, so 3 or 4 of them will roam about, foraging together. It can get rather messy in areas where people just use the bags.

Not sure why Boston doesn't do what a lot of European cities and condos in bear habitat areas do: communal dumpsters. Walk a block, toss your load whenever you have a bag to go, all is secure.

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I would love to get rid of

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I would love to get rid of the trash trucks (and recycling, and yard waste, and now compost...) doing the stop-and-go at every house on the block. How much labor cost and gas is wasted by that? Not to mention the conga line of traffic stuck behind it.

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Because of rats I have gotten everyone in my building to wait until morning to put trash out. Easier in a small building with 4-6 people living there.

Also the morning trash pickers are generally more tidy than the ones that come by in the evening.

And it also avoids issues with idiots that feel the need to just trash the place.

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People still

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People still put plastic bags out ? Time to invest in a trash barrel.

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Whoever it was I hope they

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Whoever it was I hope they got a handful fresh baby shit in their hands and a fatal whiff of emptied litter box!!!!!

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Oh, wow!!

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Those Italian-style dumpsters look like they'd be even better than the regular trash cans that have to be used, so then people can't rip trash bags open.

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Not just Italy

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Seen them in Spain, France, Germany, Swizerland, In some smaller communities in Canada, they have them because of the bears - they don't want people storing garbage on their property.

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