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Construction begins on new entrance to Forest Hills station

New Forest Hills headhouse going in

Clay Harper watched construction start today on the above-ground part of the new entrance to the Forest Hills T stop, or headhouse, which will let people on the northern side of the Arborway get into the station without having to cross the busy road.

New canopy starts going up for Forest Hills upper busway.



Progress is a good thing. The station will look even nicer when new car sets are running through it.

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Its only been like 4 years since this project started, right? What efficiency by MassDOT! Maybe they should get a bonus for the project only being 2 years behind schedule. They earned it for a job not done. Maybe they should just call it a week. Seems unfair to make them work on thursdays and fridays in the summer. And give them monday off too. How are you supposed to enjoy your sunday if you gotta work the next day?

Its ok that the sidewalks, bike lanes, bus canopy, etc still aren't done after 4 years (because they very obviously prioritized car drivers). Pedestrians and cyclists aren't real people, after all. And its not like Forest Hills is a transit hub for the subway, buses and commuter rail.

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Because then you might know some of the reasons for the delays in the T station work. They had quite a lot of them.

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There was a full year delay because they did not get the right exhaust fans.
that is a planning fail.
the had to re design the bus canopy at least once, another delay

also a fail is the convoluted walk about when exited a bus to get to the station. Try navigating that with a disability. And no one at the T seems to care since they wont ever answer a question about the busway

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The only way I can figure is that they realized it will take longer with only 5 guys on the job.

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I don't get how they prioritize things and the erratic progress. If my memory is correct, the nice new bike path and sidewalks from the end of the Arboretum down to Forest Hills N/W corner materialized in around December of 2017. Around that time, the sidewalks and locations of the parallel bike paths were in place along South St. / Washington St. across from the station as well. Now, 7+ months later, they've finally in the last week commenced with completing putting another layer of asphalt on the bike paths and are laying paver bricks where the path and sidewalks converge. 7+ months?!?!! I don't get the erratic'ness of this effort regardless of what reasons were given in meetings.

Also, does anyone know why people are allowed to park cars without being ticketed/towed in the bike lane across from the court house running toward Franklin Park?

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I saw something that noted they haven’t gotten the parking lot for the court house on the other side of the street ready. It should also be noted that they’ve had 4 years to work on it.

My gut is that there will be parking on that stretch of the bike path for decades to come. Cyclists were snowed on this.

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Perhaps a temporary accommodation for handicapped parkers? The parking area in the corner of the Arborway bus yard is challenging even for the able-bodied to get to and from during the construction. If this is the case, though, there should be signage about it for cyclists.

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When they finish this project, maybe they could build the transporter from the movie Contact. They seem to have the same degree of difficulty, and take as long.

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Why have one when you could have two for twice the cost?

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Guessing this exit is closed for the time being? I am ever so slightly closer to Green St. than Forest Hills but this new exit has made it practical to go to Forest hills and swing by Happy Market on the way home.

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It's a pain in the neck when you're coming from the train to the bus or vice versa since you need to walk around the big gated-off area with the great big puddle in it where they haven't actually done anything in months and a lot of times and bus or train leaves by the time you get to it. Something that used to take me thirty seconds to takes two or three minutes because of the slow-as-molasses construction. It shouldn't take three years to build a bus shelter. It had better glow in the dark and or shoot lasers or I will be gravely disappointed.

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They just don't know when that day will be.

Allegedly it will be done by this winter, per the last meeting that had. Of course, that meeting was about a year ago, so they might just recycle the slide at the next meeting, if they bother to have one.

The key is to walk along the unfinished bike path, which has more space than the walkway you are supposed to use. It saves about 30 seconds on the trip.

And I suppose it is worth mentioning that all of this is because they needed to replace a bridge that is nowhere near the busway.

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