Ever vigilant in West Roxbury

Chairs saving space on Redlands Road in West Roxbury

Sure, tomrrow's forecast calls for torrential rain, but a Redlands Road resident knows you can never be too sure and so sets out some space savers just in case, as Megan Piccirillo shows us.



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That is just

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so pathetic and lame! Grow up people.


Or you know

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It could be because someone has mover arriving or having furniture delivered. Crazy i know!


Cute Canned Talking Points

Ever hear of the permit that you are supposed to get for that? They have a date and a start and end time right on them.

Meaning: you don't hog all the parking overnight.


You and I have heard of the permit

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But perhaps not everyone has. I mean, nothing else makes sense. There’s no way in hades we are getting snow, since the weather reports are also talking up the record heat and how our weather is coming from the tropics. This isn’t a very dense neighborhood, and there’s not much close at hand that would lead to people parking there.

This could be a resident who does this 12 months a year (boo) or perhaps they are getting furniture delivered and didn’t want the delivery guys to have to make a long trip. I’m okay with people thinking this is a dick move, but I also won’t be surprised if it is something more innocent.


The person who lives there is

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The person who lives there is 80..can't walk, and cannot have fucking morons like you parking in front of his house so that he has to park a mile away..stay in the sticks, sweetheart, you don't belong in the city


He has a driveway

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And I realize that HP permits are not the easiest thing in the world to get, but the city does allow for HP parking spots.


HP Permits

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I just love when people use obscure acronyms and expect everyone to know what they mean from the context, or something. What's HP? Hewlett Packard? Hellacious Platitudes? Hazardous Persimmons?

Handicap or handicap

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Sorry, I thought from the context of this long, increasingly irate thread, it was clear. Obviously not.

He has both a driveway and a garage, which he doesn't use.

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I don't understand the argument that people who don't like space savers should "move to the sticks". It's public street parking in an urban area. If you don't like looking at a stranger's car outside your house, you should be the one living in the country.


Can't walk?

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Hmmm. Then who moves the chairs?

Sorry, while I sympathize, if

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Sorry, while I sympathize, if the person has a disability they should go through the proper channels to get a handicapped spot. Just being 80 doesn't give you exclusive rights to public street property.


Person parks overnight, will

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Person parks overnight, will leaves at 900 am , but mover/ ect vendor shows at 700 am, space blocked . Permit means shit when the rubber meets the road . Savers most practical, unless geniuses want to meddle and think someone would go through the effort to spaces, with the inundation of weather reports from all angles caling for rain .


What county are those space savers in now?

Not only are they likely to have been blown asunder, they are probably making things less safe on the roadways.

You don't seem to know how these permit signs work, either. You put them up a day or two ahead, which alerts people likely to not leave by 9am that their car may be towed at 7am when the movers are scheduled to show. If someone just moves the trash out of the street and parks there, you have no recourse.

You dont probably know that

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You dont probably know that permits in hand, there is some impediment to do work in permitted zone that falls in gray area that prevents such work to be done in a timely and costly manner, usually caused by someone lacking common sense that undermines all effors to facilitate work process , thus calling for practical , on the ground adaption that defies internet definition. This will confuse people and cause them to speculate with righteous indignation when in truth it is a case of , move along , there is nothing to see her , let the lads get to work and be done with it ! Be Merry, ( if that is permitted here during the Season of Good Will ) !

What is up with some people's obsession

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with space savers? Just deal with the fact you aren't in Kansas anymore.

And don't say they don't exist in that well known world class city a couple hundred miles to our south; they do exist there among the locals.

What's up with your obsession

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... with pretending that you own parking spaces that are public and freely available.

Space savers are illegal and should not be tolerated. Ever. Can't park where you want? Buy a house with a driveway or go fish.



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That's Crazy.

(Inside joke.)