Great day for hiking around the Quincy Quarries, at least until the intergalactic vortex opened up

Hiking the Quincy quarries


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You already knew he'd died. There's not much I could add to your knowledge of the man and his times that you can't find better written somewhere else. You have noticed this is a Boston-centric site, no? In the past, I've done obituaries about national figures that focused on their times in Boston or connections to the city, but there's not that much of a nexus between Bush and Boston, except for things such as the Boston Harbor ad (and the Willie Horton one, but that was done by a PAC, not by his campaign). OK, he did give the commencement speech at BU in 1989. There are more indirect connections, but let's not speak ill of the dead, at least not the day after.



There's not much I could add to your knowledge of the man

Helmut Kohl gave him an alpenhorn.

Source: The Simpsons s07e13

Bush Boston Connection

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Many thanks as always for everything you do. But your readers might be interested to learn HW was not only born in the Commonwealth - but in Milton a stone’s throw from the Neponset (the house is still standing).