Looks like we won't have dueling presidential candidates from Massachusetts

Politico reports Deval Patrick has decided not to run for president in 2020.


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Of course it does

Because our voters already have wealth and are happy voting for the boomer establishment again as a means of protecting their interests.

Why is it news that Deval isn't running? He didn't do anything. We were smart, prosperous people before he became Governor, and we'll be smart, prosperous people long after he's gone. We excel in spite of our elected officials.


That's probably a good decision

Gov. Patrick and his family seem like genuinely nice, good natured and moral people. Decent people don't fare too well in the cutthroat world of politics in modern America. I wish Gov. Patrick all the best.


Another reason

He loose badly in the primaries and doesn't need the exposure. He's better off supporting whoever wins and hoping they reward him with a cabinet post.


What a shame

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The Oval Office was due for new drapes.


Perhaps we should wait for Patrick

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to actually make the announcement himself, instead of relying on "unnamed sources."

After all, it's not like the fate of the free world rests on the "critical" news.

clinton had 3 million more

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clinton had 3 million more people voting for her, in spite of widespread corruption and interference by foreign powers and corrupt republican election runners. just because she lost the vote of an estimated 40k toothless racist rednecks in bumfuck coal towns in the armpit of the country doesn't mean she was a bad candidate; those people weren't going to vote for any dem in the face of trump blowing dogwhistles at top volume.

And that elitist attitude

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Is why Trump won. Wise up or say hello to Trump 2.0 (unless he gets impeached - one can only hope).

If Bloomberg runs (and he'll most likely run as a Dem - he can't win as an R and nobody can win as an I) - he wins, unless somebody else pops up or he gets primaried by the left wing of the Democratic party. Only negative I see is his age - but against Trump and Biden he's far an away the leading light of the current contenders.


Oh great, Bloomberg

A wealthy Boomer who's claim to fame is banning giant soda. If you vote for him, and you're not independently wealthy, you're a schmuck, just like you were if you voted for Hillary over Bernie in a primary.


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I should base my vote for president on whether or not a guy put a tax on soda. Lemme guess, you voted for the guy that put taxes on $200 billion of Chinese goods that Americans have to pay?

Read below

I voted Johnson.

What on actual Earth would you make you think that I rewarded Donald Trump with a vote? The schmuck couldn't keep a casino in business.

Well - then that puts us on the same page

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Voted Johnson also - best candidate of the three - which is frightening because he was no prize.

Too bad we couldn't vote for his VP choice (Weld).

As for Mike B; - only thing I ever heard bad about him was that stupid soda thing - otherwise a great executive both at Bloomberg LP and as mayor of NYC. And per the above - you would prefer Uncle Joe or Donny 2.0? Can't think of anything scarier than Donald "Lame Duck" Trump.

Let's see who else pops up - but of those three - Bloomberg is head and shoulders above the pack.

Oh yeah, that foreign interference

On my walk over to Another Course to College, these guys grabbed my arms and told me "if you vote Johnson, we will crush you."

Ha ha, just kidding. I got to the polls unimpeded and cast my vote and stuck it in the machine with absolutely no difficulty.

Not News

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Even if he ran and won we wouldn't have a President from Massachusetts. We would have a President form Illinois. Just one who spent time in adult life in Massachusetts.

By the way, if Elizabeth Warren runs and wins we'd still not have a President from Massachusetts. We'd have one from Oklahoma City who spent a few years of adulthood living and teaching in Cambridge before moving to DC to represent her "home" state.

The last President from Massachusetts is being buried today.


That's some parochial nonsense right there.

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Governor Patrick went to high school in MA. Went to college in MA. Went to law school in MA. Worked in MA for 30 years. But he's not from Massachusetts? Oh please.

As we all know, if somebody

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As we all know, if somebody wants to become a true Massachusetts native, he needs to be baptized with Dunkin' Donuts coffee and eat sanctified Necco wafers as part of a secret ceremony that takes place in the Fenway Park infield.



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Because he chose to live there. But there can only be one place where a person is "from" and we don't get to choose the place.


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It is the title of the story, so if you read it I assumed you cared.

Dear God, I hope so

Does that mean Warren is declining, too.

I certainly hope so. She can do far more good (and for much longer) as senior Senator from Massachusetts than as President (and she'd never win, anyway).


Warren's problem

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I had a group of liberal friends over and we were talking about 2020. People were dancing around their opinions of Elizabeth Warren. I said, "I agree with most of her positions, but I just don't like her as a person." There was a collective sigh and everyone else said, "Me too!" That's her problem.


I think she gets some unfair

I think she gets some unfair grief but I'd never suggest that voters have some sort of duty to get out there and find reasons to like her. Presenting herself well is part of her job as a politician. If the electorate hasn't warmed up to her, I hardly think that's the electorate's fault.



You're not supposed to like leaders to the exclusion of respecting them. Why do you think the football coach gets Gatorade dumped over his head when his team wins?

Who'd have thunk it

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There was a collective sigh and everyone else said, "Me too!" That's her problem.

Even Senator Warren is affected by the Me Too movement.