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Malden men find 2018 Sox AL East Championship pennant

WFXT reports. The Sox have yet to actually win the AL East title (although they could tonight).

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Just like selling "First to 100" shirts and painting the World Series logo on the field before Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS, this smacks of bad karma.

Therefore, who gets hurt tonight? Hate to be superstitious (I am of Irish peasant stock- they used to dress boys are girls until they were about 5 so they wouldn't be snatched by the devil. They still believe in "holy wells", your culture lingers in you), but I left Catholicism a while back for Boston's other church. However, I still believe bad things happen with hubris.

I fully expect us to win the division tonight or tomorrow, but that bullpen will get us crushed in the ALCS, maybe even the ALDS.

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Hate to be superstitious

I read what you wrote and I'm going to vehemently disagree.

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2018 Sox AL East Championship

It's hardly a "championship" in the conventional sense. In the old days we'd simply say that you won your division. And bragging that you "won the wildcard"? Even worse.

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these were always celebrated. very big deals in 67, 75 and 86 because we were so goddamned thirsty! now we are a championship town and these things mean very little. we are spoiled.

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There was no such thing as the AL East in 1967.


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you are correct sir. I do however remember seeing a video of Rico Petrocelli catching the clinching pop up for the American League series championship.

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I know I'm being old-man pedantic, and I'm not trying to diss you, so please forgive me, but...

Petrocelli caught the final out in the regular season in 1967. There were no playoffs other than The World Series. Between the National League and the American League, TWO teams made the playoffs (out of 20 teams total).

In addition, both 1975 and 1986 were American League championships that were contested between the only two teams that made the playoffs in the entire American League. Four teams (out of 24) in the entirety of MLB made the playoffs in '75, while four (out of 26) made it in '86.

The main point is that - admirable as the Sox record is this year - it was one hell of a lot harder to make the playoffs then. Celebrating things like division titles, when compared to previous American League Championships and World Series titles, is unbecoming for a franchise that has been in existence since 1901 and has won the third-most American League pennants (behind the Yankees and Athletics) and is (despite the perception of being losers in some way) tied for fourth (with Giants, after Yankees, Cardinals and Athletics) in World Series championships.

OK, time to go shoo the kids offa my lawn.


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They've already written 2/3 of a script where Mark Wahlberg has to go steal it back, haven't they

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Oh, yeah, the Baby Wheel guys are from Malden!

And they're all in their 40s. Hmm, do they know each other? Go fishing for baby wheels and banners together?

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I'm disappointed that this story hasn't gotten more traction. These guys are every bit as townie as the Baby Wheel guy, and given that the story includes the Red Sox, accusations of theft and the phrase "All I wanted was to maybe bring my family, my friends to a fucking baseball game", I think this may be the most Boston thing that has ever happened.

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