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More stores and offices, less expo space planned for World Trade Center

Fidelity Investments, which owns the World Trade Center, has told the BPDA it plans to invest heavily in revamping the Word Trade Center, to add stores, offices and "public realm" space by re-purposing some of the current exposition space.

The company signaled its intent for "a significant infrastructure investment" in a letter to the BPDA, in which it says it will shortly file more detailed plans for "large project" review by the agency. The plans will also include "resiliency measures to meet the challenges anticipated from forecasted rising tides and increased storm intensity."

The proposed revitalization of the SWTC is a transformative project that will modernize and reposition the existing building and Commonwealth Pier for its next generation of use as a vibrant place for work, retail, events and active public waterfront experiences within the city’s exciting Seaport District. While the existing building and Project Site require a significant infrastructure investment to enable the adaptive re-use and revitalization, the Project has tremendous potential to create an exciting, flexible, and creative workspace that attracts and retains talented employees and provides a unique waterfront experience for the public.xxx The Project will enhance its current uses by replacing the existing exhibition hall with new public realm spaces and improvements and expanded ground-floor retail space, as well as creating new flexible and innovative office space and first-class event spaces.

The World Trade Center, originally known as Commonwealth Pier, is a survivor of the days when the South Boston waterfront was a hub of shipping and commercial activity. During World War I, it served as a naval base, where new recruits underwent training before being shipped to their assignments.

Commonwealth Pier letter of intent (70k PDF).



So its becoming a mall + offices

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"Well, Junior, back when I was your age my mother used to take me to this big building where one could shop multiple stores and eat all day in climate controlled comfort. No worries about freezing to death, until it was time to wait for the inevitably late MBTA bus.

But then Amazon* came along, and now we just do it from the climate controlled comfort of our own homes. No need to even worry about the MBTA."

*Those that wish to may add the word "evil" before this.

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My husband worked there in the early 90s as a temp for Fid. The place was more or less stranded - but he was somehow the only person biking to work. Lots of parking in the mud lots, but don't even think of finding lunch anywhere but a handful of same small places. I don't even think that Harpoon was there yet.

The area has changed enormously. I was last over in his old space for a beer tasting, wandering that courtyard outside the old cube area where I would sometimes meet him, and it really brought home what twenty five years means. I was really surprised that it had not changed. It probably isn't cheap space for them anymore, and it could be a semi-mall where the cube farms are - a really nice agora with shops like it seems to have been designed for but never has been. The facility absolutely needs more restrooms if they are to keep using it for big events (the portapotties were down in the cube farm courtyard area).

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Using the outdoor portapotties during night time beer fests at the WTC is an adventure. No lighting, freezing temperatures, drunken antics. Its like a deleted scene from The Revenant.

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Warm and fragrant.

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This place and Bayside used to get all of the weekend evens like the flower show, Boston Globe travel show, ski show, golf show, beer shows, etc. Bayside has been demolished, and this is closing. The Boston Convention and Expo Center is much too large, and the Hynes is divided into many small rooms and not really suitable for some of these.

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Whatever goes here please make sure it won't attract Bud Light Bros.

Whiskey Priest and Atlantic Beer Garden attracted this type of crowd and it was a great event when these two places closed.


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Though the land that housed the Whiskey Priest can probably never be cleansed of the haunting Spectre of bud light bros who made their mark there, and I suspect whatever is constructed there will be plagued by phantom bros seeking ghostly libations in the basement and the mysterious scent of Axe body spray in the halls, the raising of those structures has gone a long way towards brining peace and cleanliness to the waterfront.

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