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South Boston

By adamg - 8/23/19 - 9:50 am

MassDOT said today it will experiment next week with letting Silver Line buses use a ramp from the South Boston Haul Road to I-90 that, if nothing bad happens, could lead to shorter rush-hour rides between downtown and Logan Airport and Chelsea on Silver Line bus routes. Read more.

By adamg - 8/21/19 - 2:41 pm

Eileen Murphy reports that the Cranberry Cafe on East Broadway closed for good yesterday and will be replaced by a new place called Deja Brew.

By adamg - 8/20/19 - 8:44 am
Turkey family in South Boston

A concerned South Boston resident decides to give 311 a shot instead of calling the Butterball hotline:

What do we do about wild turkeys in my front yard

By adamg - 8/19/19 - 8:47 am

Around 11 a.m., an RAF jet squad will zoom down along Boston Harbor from the north, to promote STEM learning, not to try to avenge Bunker Hill.

By adamg - 8/18/19 - 9:17 pm
South Boston rainbow

Jonathan Berk spotted the Southie bow this afternoon.

By adamg - 8/14/19 - 9:51 am

Transit Police report arresting a Dorchester man they say sprayed "a large can" of bear repellent inside an inbound Red Line train as it hurtled underground near Andrew station yesterday evening. Read more.

By adamg - 8/1/19 - 2:11 pm
Fallen tree in South Boston

Roving UHub photographer Marilyn M. reports: Read more.

By adamg - 7/28/19 - 1:43 pm
Protest at Lynch's South Boston office

At this past Thursday's protest in Lynch's office. Photo via Tonya Tedesco.

On July 12, six of Steve Lynch's constituents visited his South Boston office to ask him to join other Democrats in working to close the camps and stop family break-ups. Lynch wasn't there and didn't respond. Read more.

By adamg - 7/24/19 - 8:13 pm

Aaron Powell of Brockton had bail set at $50,000 today on gun charges stemming from his arrest at Broadway and Dorchester Street in South Boston early this morning - after he was ordered out of a car linked to a Roxbury shooting, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports. Read more.

By adamg - 7/24/19 - 2:52 pm

Transit Police report arresting Yoa Wong, 27, of Quincy, on charges he used his phone to photograph up a woman's skirt on the escalator at the Broadway Red Line stop yesterday evening. Read more.

By adamg - 7/24/19 - 1:11 pm
Pink Taco sign is up on Congress Street

Cynthia Donovan reports: A Pink Taco sign is finally up outside its planned location at Congress Street and Boston Wharf Road.

No word if somebody's planning on opening an adjoining seafood shack called the Bearded Clam or a hot-dog stand called Sausagefest.

By adamg - 7/24/19 - 12:26 pm

Boston Police report arresting a Brockton man after they say officers found him packing a loaded handgun early this morning on Broadway at Dorchester Street in South Boston. Read more.

By adamg - 7/23/19 - 1:32 pm
Repurposed 1898 building in proposed development

Architect's rendering of proposed reuse of 1898 building at L Street site.

The developers who want to turn the old L Street power plant into the Next Big Thing on the Waterfront this week filed new plans with the BPDA that call for 750 housing units, down from the 1,344 they initially proposed on the 15-acre site. Read more.

By adamg - 7/23/19 - 11:06 am

When the manager of Kings, 60 Seaport Blvd., asked Graham Atkinson to leave the establishment's bar around midnight on April 24, he became irate and punched her in the stomach - and then used an umbrella to smack a bouncer who came to her aid before fleeing, the bowling alley's lawyer and police said this morning. Read more.

By adamg - 7/22/19 - 9:46 am

The MBTA reports delays of up to 30 minutes on the SL1, SL2 and SL3 lines due to "a power problem" in the South Boston transitway, you know, where they run via overhead wires, or at least they do when there's no power problem.

By adamg - 7/13/19 - 12:37 pm

Gaston reports spotting ten syringes floating in Fort Point Channel, which flows into Boston Harbor, this morning.

By adamg - 7/12/19 - 2:33 pm

State Police report arresting a woman they say attacked a Boston EMT supervisor responding to a call on Old Colony Avenue in South Boston yesterday - a day after another EMT was stabbed repeatedly downtown. Read more.

By adamg - 7/10/19 - 1:33 pm
Parcel T and T-1

Millennium has plans for parcels T and T-1 at western edge of the industrial park.

Millennium Partners told the BPDA this week it hopes to build a 900,000 office building with shops and restaurants on two parcels it now leases off Northern Avenue in the Raymond Flynn Marine Industrial Park in South Boston. Read more.

By adamg - 7/10/19 - 8:03 am
Orange Line cars being dropped off at a Red Line yard

John Hanzl spotted two of those new Orange Line cars being delivered this morning at the T's Red Line yard in South Boston, rather than at, oh, the Orange Line yard in Medford.

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